Friday, October 31

Halloween Reruns

Click to embiggen.
Marzipan pumpkins, as seen in the shop window of a bakery in Zurich (October 2006).


Another great big thank you to everyone (all 38 of you) who stopped to wish me a happy birthday yesterday. You made this birthday among the best ever, and I appreciate YOU!


This is my froggy warlock/magician. He holds a book of spells and a magic wand and wears a witch hat on his head. He sits stop a wall cabinet the year around, since he's just too cute to be put away for the rest of the year.

Go here to see an old drawing.

And here to see some cards.

Have a Happy Halloween and Happy Trick-or-Treating!


Bear Naked said...

Trick or Treat

Bear((( )))

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Halloween, Judy!!! And you're welcome!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, dear Judy! Have Fun! And

bobbie said...



Laura , VitaminSea said...

~Happy Belated Birthday to youuu!~
And a Happy Halloween to boot!

Loved the pics of your birth mom and dad in the post below. I can see where you got your good looks from, as your mom was awfully cute!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Happy Halloween!

Granny Annie said...

The food makes me hungry. You do that to us a lot!

I believe froggie could double for a St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Your talent at drawing pumpkins in 6th grade certainly demonstrated the creativity to come.

Happy Halloween Judy!

Dianne said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!


Happy Halloween

You're a joy on these here internet tubes ;) said...

Happy Halloween!! Those treats look sinful

Wendy said...

Happy Halloween to you too. Loved this post.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We have a Mistle-Toad that makes his appearance during the Christmas season. LOL.

Margaret Cloud said...

Stopping by to wish you a belated Birthday, hope it was a good one and also Happy Halloween. Inviting you to come on by.

PI said...

My comment's got lost and it was a longish one so I'll just say I enjoyed seeing the old cards and drawing.xox

rosemary said...

happy day after your birthday.....i always feel a little let down on that day.