Tuesday, October 7

Dream On

A dream that I had while taking a dream course I in 1979 resulted in this poem:

"Deep, crystal river
Steep are your banks. Will he drown?
Sparkling water trap."

Here are the notes I took after the dream:

"I am at the side of a very deep river between stone walls like the Grand Canyon; narrow and deep and the water is crystal clear and sparkling. My son is diving into the water and I can see him all the way to the bottom. I fear for him, but I know there is a way out through a sewer system."

I found my dream folder in the closet I cleaned out last week. This time, it is all going through the shredder!! Have you had any good dreams lately?


JeanMac said...

You shredded it!

Granny Annie said...

I was like Jean at first but then I realized it is okay to shred it now that you have recorded it for posterity on your blog.

I awakened after a particularly imaginative dream once and attempted to write it down. In the morning I could not remember the dream and could not read one word of the scribbles.

ET said...

You shredded your dream notes. You don't have to worry about any identity thieves getting in your head now.

Bear Naked said...

I never can remember my dreams once I am fully awake.

Bear((( )))

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I had a crazy, maddening dream the other night... can't remember last night's, but I feel that it was at least decent - that is, I woke up feeling great even though I'm up to my eyeballs in PMS right now.

panthergirl said...

I have the WEIRDEST dreams, but yours reminded me of the fact that when my kids were small I had recurring dreams of them being at the bottom of a pool or lake, with me swimming blindly trying to find them.... SO SCARY... ugh.

I have to get better about writing my dreams down. Some of them are really hilarious, especially the ones involving obscure celebrities.

tiff said...

That dream would have been a nightmare for me. But you know my fears about Things 1 and water.

Yay fro shreadding! I just threw out a BAG full of old checkbooks that I've been carrying around for over 20 years. I thought maybe they'd help me recreate my past, but who cares how much I spent at the Golden China on April 30th of 1983? Nobody, that's who.

Darlene said...

That photo is stunning. Very beautiful.

I kept a Dream Journal once. Jung (a contemporary of Freud) recommended it as a way of learning about something we were repressing. He gave, as an example, a woman who kept dreaming that she was was a rusty license plate at the bottom of a lake. In analyzing her recurring dream she discovered that she resented her family dumping on her so much.

Ginnie said...

I can't ever remember my dreams. I usually just get the feeling of them...either pleasant or scarey.
I tried writing them down directly upon waking but that didn't work either.

Farrago said...

One of the worst nightmares Iever had was a hyper-realistic one where my Dalmatian, Angel, ran around a blind corner of a building in my old hometown, and right out into the four lane highway, where an 18-wheeler ran over her completely until she was a flat patch of black-dotted white fur on the pavement.

I woke up bawling my eyes out it was so vivid!

Why do we (I) only remember the bad ones?

PI said...

I dream all the time - awake and asleep. They are so frequent and so jumbled they are difficult to recall and they would bore the pants off you. I believe it helps to prevent one going barmy.
Occasionally I have had an erotic dream and I wake up thinking - oh my goodness - I hope I didn't call out:)