Friday, October 3


My son, age 18 months and age 13.

My sweet sonny boy was 12 when he wrote this, in response to the quote at the top of the green page. He won his 7th grade Language Arts Medal with this one.

Shortly after I found this while I was cleaning out a closet, he called. I read it to him and he said it is somewhat ironic now, since he doesn't really like his chosen profession. I wish he could instantly change to something he'd enjoy. Last time I checked, however, beachcombing didn't pay well enough to support a family!

EDIT: When I posted this, I forgot that Carmi's theme was "kids" this week. Go over there to see the other people who participated in it.


When I posted my wedding dress yesterday, I should have mentioned that I still have the dress. I wore it to parties several times after the wedding, since it was fairly casual. At some point, I spilled coffee on the sleeve, and it would not come out. Finally, in desperation, I dyed the dress brown to cover the stain, and I wore it several more times after that. I look at it now, and I cannot believe I ever fit into it!


Bear Naked said...

I can't believe this.
I have a picture of my son around 12 or 13 years old and his hair is identical to your son's hair.
Almost the same colour also.

Bear((( )))

Seamus said...

Beachcombing isn't a profession? Dang!

sage said...

If he figures out how to support a family beachcoming, he should write a book about it--he'd become rich as we all go into the profession!

bobbie said...

Your son was an extremely perceptive 12 year old. I hope he finds a profession more pleasing to him.

Greg Finnegan said...

Ahh, but beachcombing paid pretty well for Daniel Defoe, who wrote about it in Robinson Crusoe.

Susan said...

Isn't it amazing how a dress left hanging in a closet will shrink?
I hate when that happens!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin was 20 in 1979, but still has some early 70s school pics that look like your son's (the hair, the shirt, etc). I was 11 in 1979 and also have some pretty groovy school pictures from that decade.:-)

tiff said...

Did he type it too?

Color me impressed, even if he didn't. You musthave been so proud.

Ginnie said...

What an amazing composition for a 12 year old. You must be terribly proud...and rightly so !

Carolyn said...

If God had wanted us to have real professions, he'd have invented real jobs from the get-go. Instead, he gave us white sandy beaches... Hehe! Your son looks like a boy from my yearbook.

rosemary said...

like my son who does not like his chosen racing doesn't pay the mortgage. You were so lovely...and mr. kenju too, actually.

Awareness said...

My father still dreams of running his own hotdog stand on a beach in Maine. :)

I wish him is a bit of serendipity that you pulled this out to share and he called. I think it's a light bulb moment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE seeing all these wonderful pictures and the writing, too, from a bygone time!
Your son was wise at twelve years old, Judy.

I LOVE that you still have your Wedding DRess and that you dyed it so that it was wearable...! Brilliant!

I understand not fitting into that dress, my dear...I fit into NOTHING anymore, that doesn't have elastic at the waist...! (lol)

Wendy said...

Out of the mouth of babes! What a profound piece of writing for a 12 year old.
Maybe he was meant to hear it - when you read it to him over the phone. Might give him courage to try something else (well maybe not beachcombing).

Shephard said...

You are quite the mom, keeping all this. I doubt my mom has much at all left. :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

That's really something for 12 years old Judy....he's smart and adorable, nice combo. Beachcombing...ah, if only he were back in the 60's....I think that was the 'in thing' back then.

Belle Adorn said...

Those were some very insightful words for a 12 year old!

He was a cute baby and teen too.

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