Saturday, September 6

Odds and Ends

I got these two awards recently. I have the most annoying habit; I save the award, but sometimes I forget to note who gave it to me!! Kay gave me the top one.......THANKS, Kay!!

But I have no idea who gave me this one and I'm saying how sorry I am to that person. Obviously, I am not sharing much love now. :-/


You MUST go here and see this most amazing place on Earth!!


When you are typing the word verification on some blogs, does it bother you to see a Q without a U following? I can hardly stand it!!


Are you as sick of politics as I am? I can't wait to get to November and the vote and have it all over and done!! I just hope we don't have hanging chads or malfunctioning voting machines or mass hysteria again.


I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos from the tabletop competition.


JeanMac said...

You made me laugh about the "Q" - not sure I've ever seen it.

sage said...

Congratulation on the awards! As for the word verifications, well, I won't go there...

Rauf said...

great to see you having number of awards Judy, you deserve all of them. You bring joy to our lives.

oh i see what i have to type here.
shdesvbo no q or u here

i am inserting some letters here Judy only e and r
she deserve bo oh oh she deserve both ? wonderful

rennratt said...

I'm with you on the politics. If my husband isn't home, I keep the tv off.

I'm SO tired of politics, and I dislike ALL of the major players.

My word verification has a G after the Q!

Also, if it's called "WORD" verification, shouldn't it be a REAL WORD?!

Palm Springs Savant said...

You deserve the recognitiion, you run a fine blog here!

wow- that other blog had some amazing photos- those trees and plants were pretty cool. thanks for the tip.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I agree with you ,will be glad when the election is over---, and yes those that require a word verification on those making comments, is most annoying.

bobbie said...

The most amazing place on earth is just too far out!
Q without U doesn't bother me. But I like to try to "read" the words. Some of them are pretty funny. It bothers me most when all the letters are typed with my left hand.

Bear Naked said...

Thank you for that link to Socotra Island.
I have never heard of this place before. Those photos are awesome.

As for word verification, I sometimes try to make a word or words from what I see.
Today on this comment I have to type in pigonrab.
So is it *pigeons are about* or *pig on rabbit* LOL

Bear((( )))

Jamie Dawn said...

Those Dragon's Blood Trees look so neat! What a strange looking place that is.. and very beautiful too!

Q without the U... funny, Kenju, you stickler you!!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I went to that link and saw so very many amazing plants, and oddly enough Judy, I have some plants in my garden that are kind of related to some of those on that Island. I found them all Fantastically Beautiful and so Sculptural....! You always find the most amazingly stunning places to share with all of us!

I laughed at your comment about the "Q"....What kills me about Word Verification us how hard they make it for you to read the letters sometimes. It's not enough that there are letters---Oh No! They have to shove them all together in these odd shaped!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the awards. Those pics sure are weird. Loved that beach, though - white sand and all.

rosemary said...

Again....beautiful photos....the word verification in general annoys me....somethimes the letters are so close like WVU I can hardly tell what is what. Yes, I am tired of the politicos, candidates and all of the news about the election. I will be glad when it is all said and done.

tiff said...

Judy, with that 'most amazing place on earth' link you've sent me on a MOST gratifying hour-long tour of the internet. My thanks. I thougt I'd seen it all, and am MOST happy to report that I have not.

Shephard said...

Wow. That really is an amazing place. I saved the link to show B.