Thursday, August 7

"My Man Stands Out" (and so does Sam's)

I was listening to the radio last Saturday, to a program I try to hear every week, called "Eight-Track Flashback". They play rhythm and blues from the early 50's through the late 60's and it is my kind of music! I heard a song titled "My Man Stands Out", which they said was from 1951-2, but I didn't catch the artist's name. The only thing I can find on the web is this. Go to that page and scroll down to #3. It says that the song is sung by Dana Gillespie. That is not the version I heard; mine was much slower and more honeyed in tone, but this one will do. Since Wikipedia says Dana was born in 1949, I am fairly sure she was not the one singing the song I heard.....LOL. If so, she surely was precocious!!

Want to hear more? Here's her mysp*ce page.


I was spitting bullets this morning. I went to Sam's to get my tires rotated (for free) and the guy says he can't do my tires, because the last time I had it done, some other Sam's guy messed up one of the lug nuts and they'd have to cut it off. I asked how I could cure that problem and they came up with the idea for me to go (to Pep Boys) and purchase the nut and the other part (I can't remember the name of it now (stud, maybe?) and he said to bring it back to them and they'd put it on for me. At least, that's what I heard (and my hearing aids were on!)

So, I go to Pep Boys - they didn't have it. I went to another auto parts store - they didn't have it either. My last chance was Auto Zone. They had what I needed (they said). So, I go back to Sam's and present the parts, and the guy's eyes got big as saucers.

He said....."We don't do that part, Ma'am. You should have had them put it on for you."

I replied....."You told me to buy the parts and bring them back and you'd put them on for me."

He rejoined with...."No, I told you to have them put it on and bring the receipt back here and we would reimburse you."

Now, bear in mind that all this was done with temperatures at 96*, and I was doing a lot of parking and getting out and going back, etc.

He further said that the parts I bought were not exactly right, and his advice was for me to go to the dealership and have the work done there. Of course, you know what that means. A job that should cost no more than $30-40 will be much more.

So, I hightail it to the dealer, which luckily is not far away. After waiting two hours (while listening to some huge guy yell on his cell phone, which rang every 3 minutes), they tell me it's ready and it only costs $127. I had no choice but to pay it, and I was praying that I'd heard right at Sam's because I didn't have anything in writing.

Good News! They reimbursed me - in cash!! And they did it with a smile. Afterward, I still had to go back to Auto Zone and get a refund for the parts I had bought and didn't use.

And the whole process only took six hours from start to finish. :-/


Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, hate days like that!
Only good thing is that it's over.

bobbie said...

I feel your pain! Things like this just freak me out.

sage said...

If Sams screwed up, they should have taken the car to get them fixed, in my opinion. What would have happened if you had a flat and needed to have the tire changed on the highway? I'm glad they reinbursed you.

Granny Annie said...

Those stories make me sweat just listening. At least we have cooler temperatures today which would have helped a lot in your situation.

Hey, I saw you bragging over at Kay's about your autographed David Balducci books. I'm so jealous!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a day I had recently. Only I had two kids in tow also, which made it MUCH more fun!LOL. I'm glad your day is over and resolved!

Beverly said...

Oh my, is all I can say. Just looking at the comments, I agree with Sage.

Bear Naked said...

All I can say is
At least it is over.

Bear((( )))

Sky said...

lucky you that sam's is good for its word! i like hearing that! but doing all of that in 96 degree heat would have landed me in serious heat exhaustion. i was out in 88 degree weather earlier this week and came home light-headed and sick to my stomach! :( we are headed back into the 70s by week's end, and i am much happier.

rennratt said...



Chancy said...

Judy...I am putting you up for sainthood or the patience of Job award. I don't know how you stood for all that without "punching them out"


PI said...

Oh Judy - you deserve a medal. I hope Mr K gave you loads of loving praise.

tiff said...

I think it's very cool that Sam's reimbursed you.

Now, if they'd only pay for your TIME.

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

I'm glad they paid you back, but what a pain in the butt!

Interesting statues btw LOL


Anonymous said...

I think you're looking for the Julia lee version of that tune :)