Saturday, July 5

A Spammer Speaks*

* A new game here at Imagine.

Spammers are using even more creative names and odd subject lines in their attempts to get around blocking software. I have noticed some amusing names in my email recently, and I had a light bulb moment for a new game:

I'll give you the name and subject line of a spammer, and you tell me something about that person or what they are selling. Here's the first one:

Name: Severe Hagley and the Subject Line: apologia macaronies
Or you may prefer.....
Name: Mou Maldonado and the Subject Line: anhydrite revocations

Leave your creative answers in my comments, please!


rennratt said...

I'm just guessing, but:

The first is selling "marital aids" and the second is selling watches.

sage said...

I hate spammers! Apologia macaronies--I once dated a woman who could only make macaroni and cheese... Maybe Severe is apologizing for once again serving up macaroni.

bobbie said...

I hope this doesn't mean that you actually click on them to find out what they're selling!

Severe must sell pasta - what else?
Mou probably revokes your empty water bottles. Who knows?

I'm still getting spam comments on blogs, but now I can disapprove them before they get there.

Bear Naked said...

Severe is from Canada and wants you to know that you with your next prescription order you will receive a free box of Kraft Dinner.
He is apologizing just in case you do not realize that means Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.


tiff said...

Severe is the guy who wrote "yankee doodle" and he's saying he's sorry to all the shaped pasta out there that took offense at being likened to a feather.

Yeah, that's it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The first one is selling ALL sorts of Special Pastas, apologizing to "macaroni" indeed!!....(lol)

I'm not good at this, at all.

I haven't even got an idea for the second one...I don't know what the words in the subject line mean, at all....It's like another language!

Dianne said...

the comments are hilarious!

my spammers are so not talented

I just get "need a larger penis" or "10 ways to please your man"

apparently I managed to get on the wrong list ;)

poopie said...

Beats the heck outta me :)

Bob-kat said...

I thought all spam was trying to sell V*agra!? Apart from those naughty people tryin to get you to part with money in order to free up large sums of cash!

They are certainly getting inventive!

Anna said...

It is like a disease that adapts to its surroundings! Crazy. I am glad you saw my Daddy!

Kay Dennison said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! You get funnier spammers than I do! Mine keep trying to sell me Viagra -- like I really need some.