Wednesday, July 23

Mr. Kenju's Family Photos

Mr. kenju's great-grandparents. We have no date for this. As luck would have it, none of their photos have names or dates or anything to identify them. POOH!

Edit: I've been shamed! He says it isn't his grandparents, he doesn't know for certain who they are. The man is definitely a relative of mr. kenju's - he looks very much like some others in the family.

Mr. kenju's cousins; probably in the 30's.

Mr. kenju's brother (called Pussycat in those days). Ain't he cute?!

A Holiday Gathering; mr. kenju is the boy in the middle on the back row, standing (the one with the beaver-tail tie), and mr. kenju's dad is the handsome man on the far left. His mom is holding the baby on the right. I find it odd that in a gathering of 7 adults (one assumes the photographer was adult) there are at least 5 bottles of booze on the table! LOL


This is post # 601 here at Imagine. Add that to the 1,017 posts at Just Ask Judy and you have a grand total of 1,618 posts since January 16, 2005. I know I talk a lot, but that seems obsessive, doesn't it?


Jay Simser said...

So you made me count mine up
1313 at Bailey's Buddy
54 at my Poetry Blog
82 at the Des Moines Consistory which I also do
144 at the Church
and 38 in my private blog.
That is 1631
No, I don't think you are obsessive. Just prolific. I started in February of 2007. I am obsessive.

Mom said...

I love old family photos. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anna said...

These are great Judy! I love old pics! Sorry for my absence is all I can do to post! All my commenting had gone by the wayside!!!

Miss you!

PI said...

We sure knew how to live it up in those days. Hic!
My number of posts is ridiculous because it counts every four photos as a separate post - so I ignore it.
We grumble about the oldiea not putting place and time etc but I have to admit I rarely do it myself.

ET said...

It is a lot quantity, but it is also quality stuff... not like mine, a lot of nothings.

sage said...

Kenju, didn't know you started your blog on my birthay--I started a few before you and only have 1/3 of the comments! I love old photos--you should find some really old ones, though--when all the men had long beards :)

Star said...

Happily awaitibg #602

bobbie said...

Prolific is definitely the word. Jay is right.]
Old family photos are wonderful. I don't even care if they are other people's. I love to see them.

sonia a.m. said...

Lovely photos!

Wow! 1,618 posts since January 16, 2005! Congratulations!

GJG said...

it seems like a lot, til one does the math---works out to something less than 39 posts a month, or slightly more than 1 per day---I have been blogging since April 20 of this year (2008) and have 225 posts (thats 56/mo)---thats kinda obsessive---and I suspect any day now I will slow down---and your right with 7 adults-----where are the two missing bottles?? (just kidding) Hope you found the Meme Kay tagged ya with interesting (I originated it)

Gary (aka old dude)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ah, the good ol' days of copious amounts of booze....Great pics. You started blogging on the same day the Evil Twin set down a pack of cigarettes and never looked back.

TravelinOma said...

I like the marriage photo. I'd claim it too!

Beverly said...

Congratulations on all your posts.

Those photos are just great. I love the one of Mr. Kenju's brother. They are some handsome dudes.

Alice said...

I really like these pictures. Mr. Kenju and his brother were good looking young lads. Miss you.

colleen said...

Wow. What an interesting wedding dress with a hood like red riding. I love the last one, so typically 50's.

JeanMac said...

A handsome bunch, I'd say.

Rauf said...

Having a picture taken was a big affair, i always think of what went behind that picture, were they arguing who should be on the left or they should be standing or sitting or choosing a dress.
We had a picture taken once when we were small, must be 50 years ago. My older sister is very angry in the picture, because the photographer yelled at her, as she was swinging her legs. There was a big drama, she ran out of the studio. The photographer ran after her dragged her back to the chair.

i haven't counted my posts Judy, i have been around for a while now
I know you would advise me to be silent or just post pictures don't talk, i know my talking annoys people.

i like your talking
keep talking Judy

LZ Blogger said...

Judy ~ Don't you just hate it when you are able to find old family photos like that and there are NO DATES on them! For exactly that reason... I used to always date the back of all of my pictures with labels that I printed... that is until I got a digital camera and it remembers for me. ~ jb///

Kay Dennison said...

I love old photos!!! And these are nice.

I'm a wimpy blogger -- I only have about 400 over 2 years. I'd better get busy!!!!

tiff said...

804 posts as of today - since October 2005. I'm definitely a slacker.

Keep those photos comin'! I love that kind of stuff.

Joy Des Jardins said...

There's something about old family photos that's just so addicting....even if they are of other people. I just love looking at them. These are wonderful Judy.....thanks.