Thursday, July 17

Morning on Boone Lake, TN

I wish I'd had a panoramic camera for this series. Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning? Eating meals on a screened porch, with warm and gentle breezes wafting through the trees? It is just this side of Heaven, take it from me.

In this and the photo below, the pasture on the left will be dotted with black angus cows by mid-morning. What a bucolic scene. Now and then a goose honks in the distance, and sometimes clouds form so quickly you'd think they were painted there, and then disappear just as fast.

Just off the porch, there are two bird feeders; one for hummingbirds and one for all others. The hummingbirds flit in and out constantly, and the doves fight for room on the other one, sharing space with sparrows, finches and many others I can't name. On this morning, as we sat eating, a song sparrow perched on the top of the upper deck umbrella not 12 feet from us and sang his little heart out. I was so glad I had my new hearing aids so I could hear him.

The evening before, after a spectacular meal (my cousin truly IS better than Martha Stewart!), we took a ride in the pontoon boat. They mentioned some visitors they'd had the week before, and the woman in that group had a very distinctive name, one you seldom hear. Years and years ago I had known a woman with that name, so I asked if by chance she had ever lived in Raleigh. They replied that she had (with her first husband). We started sharing other names in that family and soon realized it was the same one I had known briefly over 30 years ago. They lived two houses down from a friend of mine, and our paths crossed occasionally. My cousin and her husband met them at an ACC Basketball Tournament ten years ago (they are rabid Duke fans) and had become instant friends. We got caught up on their children and family "doings" and I have no doubt that they will soon be caught up with ours. How small this world is!

The rest of my trip had some interesting moments, and I hope to post about that in a day or two.
I hope you were good while I was gone! I'll try to catch up soon.

Want to see me in a hat? Thanks, Paul!


Paul Nichols said...

Wow! Looks like a nice place to live; but I wouldn't want to visit. And if I wasn't already taken I'd take you, if you weren't already taken.

Terrific photos. And text.

LZ Blogger said...

Judy ~ How pretty... that lake looks just like GLASS~ ~ jb///

PI said...

It looks so still and peaceful- bliss. I'm imagining the sound and doings of the animals- that's the icing on the cake isn't it.
Soak it all up Judy:)

Grannymar said...

Great pictures Judy.

By the way I LOVED the hat!

Star said...

Truely, the world gets smaller every day. That lake looks so peaacefful. I love the hat picture.
Did you get to keep it?

Rick Lee said...

If I had time I'd put those pictures together into a panorama for you... but I have NO TIME NOW!

Maria said...

Rest, relax and enjoy. You deserve a wonderful stress free time and it looks like this peaceful place is just what the Doctor ordered. . . so to speak.

I have my coffee in hand and I am going to scroll through your Travel photos. I loved the ones of England

Beverly said...

That does look like a wonderful place for a getaway. I'm glad you had a good time.

The photo in the hat is gorgeous.

JC said...

Terrific shots! Can't imagine anyone not enjoying waking up to that. Small world, indeed!

Laura said...

You are so beautiful! That was such a glamorous photo. So elegant, too. They don't take photos like that very often anymore. Sometimes I think they should!

Boone Lake looks like a nice place to visit!

David said...

hi Judy,
just visiting for a bit after too too long away from 'the net'

looks serene!

Bear Naked said...

So peaceful looking.
I would love to live there.

Bear((( )))

Mar said...

It seems like a wonderful, perfect place!! and loved your picture in a hat!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Peaceful place, Judy...Oh I hope you got some pictures of The Cows! (I LOVE Cows..)
You are so right about the world really being small...That was an amazing meeting, wasn't it?
Glad to read you are having a lovely time, my dear.

JeanMac said...


TravelinOma said...

This is such a beautiful place! Thanks for the photos.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Judy...That picture of you at 20...You are Stunning, my dear!
What fun to have this picture and it is great to see you at that age and in a Hat! Though as others have almost don't notice the hat--And yet, you do! You were the perfect model for that Hay Judy...!

Shephard said...

Love the hat.
And the mention of pontoon boats brings back fond memories of my July in Maine last year.
I've always wanted to say that. :)
Glad you're home safe and sound.

colleen said...

The water is so still and calm that I can't help but feel that way when I look at it.

Ginnie said...

Wow...the picture of you in a hat is a real classic. What a beautiful 20 year old and I'll bet you haven't changed that much.
Oh, and the lake and surroundings are gorgeous too.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wow! Scrumptious is you, Judy. Nice work, Paul.

Beverly said...

is that close to Memphis? it is beautiful...also love the hat!!!

srp said... ah... to experience that again!
Glad you had a great time!

sage said...

looks like you're having a relaxing time--very peaceful

Chancy said...

That picture of you is fantastic. So elegant and timeless. What a lovely profile you have.

I hope you have a copy of that picture,preferably in black and white, hanging somewhere on a wall in your home.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Wow - You are the picture of elegance! Gorgeous photo.