Monday, July 28

Bobbie, at Almost There has given me these nice awards. It's wonderful to know that you make somebody smile and/or are considered a super commenter. Thanks, Bobbie, I really appreciate them! Bobbie is deserving of a visit, if you don't already know her blog. She posts very good photos and usually teaches us some history and geography nearly every day.
I just discovered that Bob-kat has awarded me as well. Thanks, Bob-kat!!

I am not going to award anyone this week, but I will do so in the future. Got to keep you all guessing, don't I?


Maria said...

You definitely deserve these awards. Your loyalty to commenting on your many blog friends sites, is outstanding. Congratulations!

Ginnie said...

That "You Make Me Smile" award was given to the right person, Judy. You always seem to come up with an uplifting and smiley post.

Beverly said...

Well deserved. I always look forward to your posts that make me smile, and most of them do.

bobbie said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words, Judy.
They are right, you certainly do deserve it.

Bob-kat said...

Looks like you got these twice then as I awarded them to you as well :)


Bob-kat said...

It's a pleasure :) Thanks for the shout out. Don't worry, I suspect I just slipped your mind seeing as you had such a packed weekend :)

A well deserved double, double award in my opinion :)

Jamie Dawn said...




I'm smiling!

Shephard said...

I smile every time I visit your blog. :)