Monday, June 30

Coming a t-shirt near you

My ex-son-in-law should wear this one!

Sure would save the government a lot of moolah!

I try to remember this one daily!

I'm a carnivore and always will be, even though I love vegetables too. Everything in moderation, as "they" say.

and MY personal favorite! Mr. kenju says this is my motto.


I hope you noticed my new header photo. Those gorgeous blue hydrangeas were grown by a good friend, who gave me a bucketful in thanks for my lending her some mirrors for a wedding reception. They may not last long, but we can enjoy them here for months to come!


I guess I jumped the gun a little bit about meeting my birth family. That doesn't happen for 2 more weeks, but I suppose my trepidation is showing. I'll be sure to tell you all about it afterward.


PI said...

Peta - Poppycock!
Love the blue hydrangea. Mine are deep pink - the soil isn't right for blue.

utenzi said...

Wow--this is a whole lotta blue, Judy. Good luck with that birth family thing. Who knows what you could find out.

JeanMac said...

Love your new header. The water header was so "real" I could feel myself bobbing up and down in the waves - no, I wasn't drinking:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE The Header picture, Judy...I was going to comment on it, as soon as I saw it!
It's funny, I rarely eat red meat anymore...Not because I am a Zealot about it---it just kind of fell away from my diet some years ago...I DO eat Chicken & Turkey and some Fish....but, the days of Red Meat seem to be over and done with, and I do not miss it, at all!

TravelinOma said...

My daughter was a very social little girl in 8th grade. Her math teacher gave her a t-shirt that said, "Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up!" She's 27 and still wears it, and it still applies.

Bear Naked said...

I have an interesting story over at my blog that you might BEE interested in reading.
Come over for a visit

tiff said...

Gorgeous flowers!

And OMG - those sayings are great, the last one especially. I'm 'one of them' too!

bobbie said...

Love the hydrangeas, Love the mottos.

barbie2be said...

your new header is GORGEOUS! i love blue hydrangea.

Nancy said...


I was very lucky with my soil when I planted hydrangeas in my garden.

They are bright blue and gorgeous. Only trouble with this plant is the mopheads are so heavy they pull the stem down and lay near the ground.

Any solution to that? Do you cut yours for bouquets? I never do but I will if you say that's the thing to do.

Chancy said...

The blue hydrangae are so startlingly lovely they took my breath away when I clicked on your blog..


Wendy said...

Absolutely love your hydrangeas! And I'm a carnivore too. I even ate a worm once. I was only a baby in a playpen when I must have reached outside the bars and picked up an earthworm. My poor mother was horrified to see me chewing happily on it.
Wish she hadn't told me that.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those flowers are amazing. First thing I noticed when I stopped by. I totally know how you feel - I need to pick a date to meet my birth mom and have been dragging my feet (NERVES).

Wendy, my son ate a lady bug when he was a toddler. He only chewed it a few times before deciding it wasn't tasty and then I scraped it off his tongue! LOL.

Diane Mandy said...

I like the new look!

PS. I can't imagine how your feeling as you count down the days to meeting your birth family, but I hope you will find it to be a very rewarding experience!

rosemary said...

The hydrangeas are stunning. Love all of the sayings. We had a friend that actually had the alcoholic one...he was recovering.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I have always loved hydrangeas, especially RED ones!

Well, I like blue ones, too.

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

The new header is beautiful. Love those signs LOL

Meeting your birth family will be very weird. It was when I met my dad for the first time at 14. I was raised by my real mom though. Just remember that just because they are blood, it doesn't mean you have to like them ;)

Thank you so much for the prayers!
rue :)

Carletta said...

I have always that PETA one!

Love the new header - gorgeous blue.

ET said...

I take the third one down very seriously.

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit!

I'm waiting to hear about your birth family.

Beverly said...

Oh, the signs are wonderful. The last one is my favorite too. I have used that often. Don would have thought it fit me perfectly too. LOL

And I agree that the hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous.