Saturday, May 31

The Triangle Goes Red

This is part of the ticket to the Inaugural luncheon event called Triangle Goes Red for Women, held yesterday, by the American Heart Association. One of our neighbors bought a table and offered tickets to the first nine women who would agree to attend if she gave them a ticket. I am so glad that I decided to take a play-day and go! It's not often I get the opportunity to attend a $100 per plate event!

This is the inside of the ticket. Our Governor's wife was the Honorary Chair for the event; she attended and spoke for a bit. After the luncheon, my group and I were standing in the hall of the Marriott and Mrs. Easley walked by; stopping to say hello. I knew she didn't remember me, so I said ......"When I see you, it is usually December and I am decorating the Mansion for the Holidays, with Mel Day." She replied...."You surely do clean up well! I'd never have recognized you without jeans and a sweatshirt."

Here I am behind the "red dress". They took almost everyone's photo. Too bad that it didn't hide my skirt.

I learned CPR! They had a 30 minute class, and we got to bring home a CPR dummy (head to chest) so we could practice. I had always wanted to learn CPR, but never had the time to sign up for a long class. Now that they can teach the basics in a short time, they do so wherever possible. If you get that opportunity, I hope you'll take it. You can now do CPR without having to do mouth-to-mouth rescusitation, unless you want to.

They also taught some easy ways to exercise, especially if you only have a few minutes, and they gave us a "resistance band" with which to do the exercises. I got my blood sugar and BP checked (both were fine).

The luncheon was very good and unexpectedly so. I knew it would be "heart-healthy", but I didn't think it would be so tasty. The salad was mixed baby greens with strawberries, blueberries and black berries. The two boneless chicken breasts had a very good sauce, and the asparagus was perfectly steamed, and served in a bundle wrapped by a slice of yellow squash that had the middle cored out. Dessert was a raspberry mousse served in a heart-shaped cup of dark chocolate (very yummy)!

The keynote speaker was Rhonda Rich; billed as "a best selling Southern author." I had not heard of her books (What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should) and My Life in the Pits), but she was really funny and if you get a chance to hear her speak, take it.

I took my camera, but none of the photos was good enough. The table centerpieces were two miniature female body forms (covered in red silk) on wrought-iron bases. Each form had a pocket, into which a few white daisies had been placed. Of course, I would have rather seen some red roses or gerbera daisies, but I am sure the flowers were donated and the donor did it cheaply.

Major sponsors for this event were Macy's and Merck. I found it somewhat ironic that Merck was a sponsor, since their product Vi*xx was responsible for many heart attacks and other troubles before it was taken off the market a few years ago. Maybe sponsorship of events like this is part of their pay-back.


Grannymar said...

That is a very interesting idea. We have nothing like it over here in Northern Ireland.

JeanMac said...

Ah, what a great event!

PI said...

Great when you can kill so many birds with one stone and get a yunmy lunch to boot. I love the photo- your hair looks very pretty.

Dianne said...

Love your red dress photo!

what a great event.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh boy!! I'm stuck on that part about the dessert.
Just look at you in your slinky red dress! Cute photo.
That red dress form is a neat photo op. You looked very nice all gussied up for the event. The governor's wife was used to seeing you in work attire. I bet you've never seen her in jeans and a sweatshirt.
I'm glad you took some time to enjoy a nice time out.
You deserved it!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love the pic! It sounds like it was a very fun and full day. Before we brought Buddy home from the NICU, we had to have a CPR session. That was a decade ago, I could use a refresher.

Awareness said...

sounds like a yummy lunch....and a great cause.

perrypants said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Everyone should know how to do CPR. I think I am due for a refresher course. This sounds like a great event.

I am hoping to get back in the swing of things... though my next project is taking shape already.... going through all Nyssa's stuff and finding a bit of used furniture to haul back to Mississippi at the end of July. Grad school beckons. I keep thinking my days of moving people will be over... but it never seems to end!

I have been reading your posts along, just haven't had energy to comment... I do so love your little jokes and Maxine... it always gives me a lift.

Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I am impressed that the governor's wife knew who you were.
Everybody should know CPR. You might save a life some day.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a marvelous Luncheon, in every way, Judy! It is a joy to go to something like that and come away having learned a great deal that you can use in the future in so very many ways.

I must say I too find that an irony for Merck to be a sponser. Better that they should spend that money on much more exstensive research so that things like the "V" word don't happen anymore!

Granny Annie said...

I hope they told you to check the victim for nitro pills or spray.

Bear Naked said...

The luncheon menu sounds delicious.
And the dessert. YUM.
Glad to hear you had a good time.

Mildred Garfield said...

What a great experience you had - you had a delicious lunch - didn't have to make it yourself - that in itself was a treat and then learning CPR -

We all need more days like that!

Claude said...

You are lucky to have taken this CPR class! And the whole day looked great.

Weary Hag said...

Love love love the picture of you in there.