Friday, May 16

Oxymorons ~ and a New Browser

35. State worker

34. Legally drunk

33. Exact estimate

32. Act naturally

31. Found missing

30. Resident alien

29. Genuine imitation

28. Airline Food

27. Good grief

26. Government organization

25. Sanitary landfill

24. Alone together

23. Small crowd

22. Business ethics

21. Soft rock

20. Butt Head

19. Military Intelligence

18. Sweet sorrow

17. Rural Metro (ambulance service)

16. "Now, then ..."

15. Passive aggression

14. Clearly misunderstood

13. Peace force

12. Extinct Life

11. Plastic glasses

10. Terribly pleased

9. Computer security

8. Political science

7. Tight slacks

6. Definite maybe

5. Pretty ugly

4. Rap music

3. Working vacation

2. Religious tolerance

1. Microsoft Works
(And regarding this):

Today I was offered a download of a newer version of Re*l Pl*yer, and along with it, a download of Mozilla Firefox. I had been considering that for a while, but I am overly cautious when it comes to downloading stuff on my computer, since I don't know how to do most of it and I am afraid I'll mess it up. This morning, I was really mad at Internet Explorer so I decided to hit GO for the downloads and throw caution to the winds.

Had I known how great it was going to be, I'd have done it months ago. I know, I know.....many of you told me to do it.....but I am usually too afraid to try stuff like that. It's so very fast - compared to IE - and I am enthralled by the speed with which it goes from one thing to another! I have been paying for high-speed internet for years, but today it truly became high-speed! I have had Norton Internet Security for about 4-5 years now, and I let it lapse this winter because I was so mad at the way it was working. It scans everything, even the Word files I have just written, and it takes so long to do it, that I have been considering deleting all of Norton from my computer and replacing it with something else to keep viruses, etc. away.

One thing I have noticed is that it didn't import all of my favorites/bookmarks, and I need to find out how to do that as quickly as possible.

What would you recommend? And do you have any advice about maximizing my Mozilla experience?


TravelinOma said...

I love the oxymorons!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

My primary browser is Safari, but I use Firefox a lot. I find it crashes more often than Safari, but when surfing the net, it is more widely accepted.

Have you Googled for video tutorials? I use them for everything these days. I hate Internet Explorer!

Bob-kat said...

Welcome to the throng of Mozilla appreciators! I once had Norton too adn got rid of it as it was such a pain. It was like an overly protective nanny!

Have you added your most used bookmarks to your bokmark tool bar yet? It's very easy. Just go to the bookmarks tab and then click bookmark this page (make sure you ar eon the page you wnat to bookmark) and then click on the bookmarks toolbar folder under 'create in' dialogue box. You cna also orgainise your bookmarks in here.

Love the oxymorons! The word 'dead' used to be used as a descriptive adjective such as 'dead excited' to provide emphasis. I once hear a friend of mine say she felt 'dead alive'. Truly.

utenzi said...

Ow! That"State Worker" one hurts, Judy. On the other hand, I'm commenting on a blog when I should be working...

tiff said...

Yay firefox! I love it, and am irked that at work I can only use IE.

Stonewood grill closed? Glad we got there when we did then!

JeanMac said...

Firefox is best for me - for years.
I love your oxymorons.

CADude said...

A cool Firefox feature: Firefox allows you to open up numerous tabs when first starting Firefox. Just open all of the tabs that you'd like to see (a good group of favorites), and then go to the Tools/Options/Main dialog box and click on "Use Current Pages". Every time you open Firefox, all of those pages will open.

To open only single pages, just drag the icon from the address bar onto the desktop (just like in IE), and only that page will open when you click on that icon.

Oh, and this is my first time here. Good quality stuff!

Dianne said...

congrats on your move to Firefox. I'm still using IE and everyone tells me to stop doing that!, just stop it!

love the oxymorons.

Star said...

Go you! I too have a fear of downloading But, I did fix my archives problem all by myself! Who says you can't teach old bloggers!

barbie2be said...

i love those oxymorons.
michele sent me over to read them.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great Oxy morons!

I LOVE FIREFOX!!! I have a list of the very best features that I use that will make your onlife line so easy, including a way to import your bookmarks and synch. If you want email me and I will tell you about it.

For the bookmarks go to:

Add-ons (at top of page)
Search for "Foxmarks"
Download it and follow instructions

Anything you download from them is safe, its actually a lot harder to do mess up your computer than most people think (if you have a decent set up for spyware/viruses)

Karen said...

Judy! It's been too long! Thanks for your visit the other day and thanks for visiting Dan! BTW, the next song also features my daughter!

Anyway, I love the oxymorons. Hilarious! And I too am having explorer issues. Maybe I'll try Firefox. Thanks for the idea!

I'm here via Michele's, but I should have come long ago. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Shephard said...

I like Mozilla/Firefox too.
I love that you can hit control + and make the print on any page larger. :)


Farrago said...

And do you have any advice about maximizing my Mozilla experience?

Uhhh. Sit naked in a vibrating chair? Other'nat, I got bupkis.

Jamie Dawn said...

When my kids were younger, they were in a church youth band called The Oxymorons. This post reminded of that.
Oxymorons are such a neat thing. They make us shake our heads and say... WHAT??

Laura said...

I've used Firefox for years now and won't use anything else! has a list of add ons, one of my favorites is the tabbed browsing option.

However, I don't have it set up to instantly open all my tabbed bookmarkes, just my homepage. You can set it up any way you like!

Don't forget to check on Tools/options/content and make sure it's set to block pop up ads and other security features. It's a good idea to look around in that window and see what else is in there that you can use. (the security section is a must-visit).
There's an option in there somewhere to import your bookmarks, too.

As for Nortons, it's a memory hog and slows down every computer. My tech friends won't use it either. I can't stand it! I don't like McAffee for the same reasons. The days of memory hogging software is over! LOL

BreadBox said...

Go look through *all* the add-ons they have at --- there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, and you'll discover it is amazing how flexible the browser is.

I've been using firefox since I switched from mozilla, and prior to that I used netscape, and before that I used mosaic (all of which is to say I've used essentially same browser since 1994!)

Welcome to the fan club....

BreadBox said...

Oh, and if you haven't discovered it yet, got to [File] -> [Import]
and it will ask you if you want to import bookmarks.