Saturday, May 3

More Odds and Ends

More of my rambling roses. They look so healthy this year; no sign of the mildew or black spot we were plagued with last year.

I call this one "Keep your eye on the prize...."

And this one: "How Firm a Foundation....."

Isn't this one of the sweetest faces you'll ever see? I wish I knew what she was listening too, because I need some of it right now! Today I worked outside on a horse farm from 10am to 4pm out in the sun. I had no idea this wedding was outdoors, or I'd have worn sun block and a top that exposed less of my skin. At present, my ears, face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands are beet-red. I have a real 'farmer' sunburn and it will take all summer to get rid of the lines. Pooh.
As soon as I feel rested, I'll post some of the photos from today. One is of a four-day-old black lamb who had been abandoned by his mother. The poor baby. Boy, is he ever cute!


AC said...

I keep threatening to get some tank tops to even out the farmer's tan myself. Burnt all over, then, for sure, but even!

Beautiful roses and I live what you've done on your title too.

Anne said...

Great roses! Get some aloe on those burns, pronto!

Michele sent me (off to be now).

JeanMac said...

These weddings add spice (and sunburn) to your life!

Mar said...

Your roses are beautiful!!
And I love those children's faces, how cute!!
Oh, no, a sunburn! Hope your skin feels better today...

Star said...

Your work takes you to some interesting places. Hope you aren't too sunburn sore today.

PI said...

That rose is perfect. Wish it were mine. I am NOT going to lecture you but the temptation is strong.

gautami tripathy said...

Apply buttermilk. It should work!

I get sunburnt very often. My skin specialist says stay out of sun. In Delhi, one can't avoid that.

Glad to be here from michele!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Wedding on a Horse Farm! Your experiences could fill a book, Judy! Too bad about that Sunburn....I can actually feel it as I read about it...That's a long time to be out in the sun...!

Lovely, Lovely Roses, my dear.