Tuesday, April 29

No comment........I have to buy gas tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it, since it feels pretty much just like this. Oh, yes, it does.


I'm all out of previously-prepared posts, so I guess that means I'm gonna hafta write sumpun. Imagine that! My new clothes washer will arrive tomorrow between the hours of 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, they say. I got a check for the last 2 weeks of work at the flower shop, and spent it all (and then some) at S*ars in about 5 minutes. I really wanted one of those top of the line front loaders, the ones that will save you $500 in operating costs, they say. But the budget only allowed for one to match the dryer we bought almost 2 years ago. I say 'match', but it's impossible to get one exactly like it after that length of time. It's close enough, I suppose. At least it's the same color (white). He coaxed me to take one that was a smoky blue color, but he didn't offer to drop the price enough to make it acceptable. I'd have taken hot orange if they dropped the price enough.......LOL.


In our paper this week, there's an ad running for a company that buys stuff from people; chiefly gold and diamonds, but coins, watches, silver, purses, etc. too. I'd never been able to go when they were available before, but today (I'm feeling better, you see) I packed up a few old broken pieces of jewelry, ring mountings, a locket and a watch and took myself over to the H*liday I*n. I expected them to be in the ball room, and have tables for different stuff, but I was directed to the 3rd floor and another woman had silver and was sent to the 2nd. floor. It looked like they had rented 3-4-5 rooms on each floor and had offices set up for each one. It must be a lucrative business, because blocks of rooms in hotels aren't cheap - even for that hotel.

I was shown to a room with desks set up, and told to lay out my wares (uh-oh. Maybe I should say 'set out my jewelry') on the desk. A guy came in and started checking them out through a loupe and weighing them on an automatic scale. When he told me the amount he'd pay for all of it (2 pairs earrings, 1 ring mounting, and 2 other rings) I was somewhat insulted, but I held it in. I did say......."That's all?" in a voice I'm sure he had no difficulty in interpreting. I am almost ashamed to say that I did sell him a pair of old broken earrings, which I had already repaired once and it I knew it would cost me much more to repair them now. Better make a few bucks than to let them lay around my jewelry box any longer. Same with the ring mounting. It was old, Victorian style and really pretty, but the size gemstone it required was so large as to be cost prohibitive, so I sold it too. Whoopee! Now I can finance a pedicure at the salon tomorrow. Those visions I had about paying for my new washer with the proceeds of that sale sort of fell apart quickly.


You know about my funny name list, right? I found several new ones lately, but I'm almost afraid to put them on the blog because the last time I did, one of those guys g*ogled himself and was brought directly to my blog......LOL He was a good sport about it, but I was sort of embarrassed. Oh, well, maybe this guy isn't computer-saavy: Pure Energy, I kid you not. That was his real name (mentioned in the newspaper). I wonder what his mom was thinking? The other new name was one I got from a newspaper obit: Ottawa O. Cool. Don'tcha wonder what the O. stands for?


Nancy said...

Hi Judy,

Glad you are feeling much better. You look better!

Over at Grannymar's today she was talking about the names people give their houses. You know, Sunflower Cottage and Dun Roamin and such.

I didn't tell her what we call our place because I wasn't sure they have S*ars in Northern Ireland.

Then I read about you buying a new S*ars washer.

At our house we have a S*ars Washer, dryer, dishwasher,vacuum cleaner and microwave.

We have affectionately named our place..... "KENMORE"

Anna said...

I can't stop laughing! And my butt hurts too! Hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me to check out what you're doing these days - glad you're feeling better.
Those jewelery purchasing guys(or similar ones) were in Roanoke a few weeks ago- our local NBC TV affiliate made their lives miserable by calling the VA board of weights & measures on them- they got shut down- inspected- opened back up only to have the Roanoke Police close them down the next day (again thanks to NBC) because they didn't have the proper licensing for the city or the County!
Maybe that will comfort you on not getting much for your pretties!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I am totally going for the front loaders when mine dies next, but it's only a couple of years old, so who knows when that will be??? I won't replace one that still works. (cheap, cheap - like a little bird).

Nepharia said...

I bought my W&D about 8-9 years ago and they are both going strong. I imagine that I'll probably go another 7 or 8 before I get another set, thankfully.

Was great reading your post; looking forward to another!

Jamie Dawn said...

I read this post a little while ago, then I just HAD to email that image to some people. It is hilari-ass!!

Then, my son interrupted me to show me a funny Sesame Street video:
Click Here

I laughed myself silly.

Okay, I can get back to blogging again.

Farrago said...

Ottawa O. Cool's middle name? Silly, girl! Obviously it must be "Ontario!"

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

That graphic is just so damned dark--and so funny. Do you know where it came from?

Here's to you and your new washer and dryer even if your jewelry sale was puny. I buy only Maytag these days, I'll admit.

I have blog entries stored up usually, too, but I'm also out.

flleenie said...

Awesome post.

And, obviously the "O" stands for "outrageous"

flleenie said...

BTW Michele sent me!

Bud said...

Judy, I took in some old jewelry that I had inherited, gold watch band etc to a local jeweler and got an estimate of $325. I sold it all on ebay for $750.

CAROLYN said...

I've wondered about those ads that buy gold/silver. So they are low-ballers eh?

That name thing was funny! I once met a man named Golden Dick. Truly! He showed me his drivers license and SS Card! I didn't wait around for other proof though ;D

Mar said...

Glad you are feeling better. And glad you wrote that on your blog :)
I need some rest now: I had to buy gas today ::sigh::

tiff said...

There's a kid at THing 1's school with the last name "Dickoff." Poor guy.

You're pretty brave going to a gold sale like that. As soon as someone said I should go to a room, I'd be turning on my hell and leaving.

JeanMac said...

Why do parents do that!

Shephard said...

Glad you're feeling better Judy!
I've seen those hot orange w&d's, and I always wonder whose home they would go in and how many they possibly sell. :)


sage said...

Gas dropped down yesterday by 5 cent and went up 15 cent today... As I tend to shun jewelery, I don't have any to sell to finance my oil addiction.

colleen said...

Get out. I'm gonna google it.

I once mentioned the private detective on Phil Donahue cause he has the same last name as my sons and looks like their father's family...and he found it and sent me an email!

Maria said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Don't drop the good doctor yet. I do understand how you feel about gas prices. It looks like our RV will get out less and less to nearer and nearer places.

And now I must go and think up a name for my house. You always leave me with a challenge. LOL