Tuesday, February 19

Dance, Eye Shadow and a Birthday

The reason for this photo will become clear in the third paragraph.

I watched the finale of "Dance Wars" last night; what a waste of two hours that was. Filled with flashbacks from the first 4-5 episodes, plus interviews with Carrie Ann and Bruno which proved to be embarrassingly repetitive (and boring). To top it off, the wrong team won, IMO.

During the show, they announced the new contestants on the next series of "Dancing With the Stars", and my reaction to the list was "ho-hum". The only 2 worth mentioning are Marlee Matlin and Kristi Yamaguchi. Kristi, married to a Hurricanes Hockey player, lives near us and has been seen shopping at stores around here. Mr. kenju saw her at a local restaurant recently, but I've never had the pleasure. She was a favorite of mine in the skating world and I am sure to root for her in the dance show as well. At least she will look good in the outfits. Also in the show is Priscilla Presley, age 62. Can she keep up with the younger ones? Kenny was heard to wonder if she will object to wearing skimpy costumes.....LOL. We will see.

This question came to me during the show....."Who in the world thought it was a good idea to put blue eye shadow on Kenny Mayne?" He looked surreal! And another thing....."Why does Lisa Rinna think her lips need to be the size of a grouper (see photo above) before she stops adding collagen?"

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Exactly 42 years ago today I gave birth to our first child; our son, our joy, who made us burst with pride and pleasure. I remember it as if it were today - a cold, rainy night....a quick trip to the hospital (mr. kenju ran red lights and drove faster than he should have). I cannot believe it has been 42 years, and I wouldn't take a trillion dollars for him. Happy Birthday, Sonny Boy!


Bob-kat said...

LOL! I know exactly what you mena about the collagen treatments. A British actress had it done and made the press as she looked just like that picture. Her name was Lesley ash adn I cannot imagine how she thought it made her look better.

Happy birthday to you son!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Happy Birthday to your son Judy.

I watched Dance Wars and thought the same thing. What a waste of two hours. They could have done everything needed in 1/2 hour. I hate when they just pull you in to watch repetitive stuff.

This season's Dancing With The Stars looks to be pretty diverse. Looking forward to seeing how some of these people do. As far as Kenny's eyeshadow...it's all meant to be a joke...his eye shadow and the heavy make-up on his face. He's funny though....in his deadpan way.

Shelly said...

Lol...Lisa Rinna - grouper lips...very funny.

tiff said...

Lisa RInna ia scary. Eesh!

Happy b-day to you and Mr Kenju AND Sonny Boy. ;)

Mahala said...

The eyeshadow sorta threw me for a loop too lol.

Happy Birthday to sonny boy!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOL about Lisa Rinna's lips. Every time I see her, she gets more bizarre looking.

What's up with putting a deaf lady on a dance show? Not saying she can't do it, but???? I don't watch DWTS, so you'll have to keep us updated.

Grannymar said...

Blue eye shadow is only for the very young.

Enjoy the Birth day all over again without the pain!

Seamus said...

Judy, you can cut and paste the pics once they are uploaded and put them where you want - you just have to establish their position (left, right or center) on the upload page.

Kristi said...

Ha! Oh, Lisa Renna. You used to be pretty and now you look like a freak.

Happy Birthday to your son!

rosemary said...

I didn't watch (not that I could have anyway) the Carrie and Bruno show...DWTS is enough watching of those two. I wondered the same about the eye shadow thing that I saw when Kenny did fun special spots on DWTS. As for Priscilla, I wonder if her face will crack while dancing.....Lisa and Priscilla share a love of all things injected. Hiss/claws out

Happy birthday first born son.....you have a very special momma.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have looked at Lisa whatever and wondered...Does she really think she looks good????
I use to see her and her husband at a little Restaurant I frequented---as did they---and it was before she did this to her lips! She was a very very pretty woman....! Now....well, I think your analogy to a grouper is perfect! LOL! She looks all puled out of shape to me....as did someone else I saw yesterday on Oprah....Very Sad. Botox or Collegen or whatever all these people are using....It is really terrible looking, I think....It makes the face all mishapen...!

A Very Very Happy Birthday to your dear son, Judy....! And many many more to come!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I don't watch any of the "Dancing" shows but I'm with you on the whole overuse of collagen.

Happy Birthday to your Son!

Sarah said...

HA!!! Love your comments about Dance Wars... a total waste of 2 hour and the wrong team did win. Go TCA! I was let down with the list of people on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars. The beginning seasons were the best with Drew Lachey, Stacey Keibler, Emmitt Smith, the last one was good too.

Kenny Mayne with eye shadow...good grief! He certainly wouldn't ever be on ESPN with that. And Lisa Rinna... can her lips and boobs get any bigger? Well, I guess they can... just hope they don't!

Nancy said...


I'm very happy to hear that Kristi Yamaguchi is going to be on DWTS.

She was my favorite skater and she always had the very best outfits. Gorgeous colors and the fit was perfect. Lots of beadwork trickling down from little short sleeves and around the hem. Perfect costumes for the perfect skater.

I know if she dances half as well as she skates, she has a good chance of winning....

Carolyn said...

It should be interesting to see Marlee since she can't hear the music. "Grouper Lips!" LOL! That describes Rinna perfectly ;D

Dance Wars made no sense to me. I mean, each week I watched and if I decided a particular team outdid the other, and I might have voted for that team that night, someone from that team got voted off that night from last weeks votes. I mean... duh..! I didn't see the point of it.

Awareness said...

GROUPER LIPS!! love it.

Kristi Yamaguchi for some reason happens to be the fall back response my son uses when he doesn't know the answer to something. I have no idea why..... I'll let him know she's married to an NFL'er and will be dancing.

Happy birthday to your son.... and enjoy going down memory lane Judy. Amazing how fast time goes by.

Hope you're well and things have slowed down a wee bit on the flower front. :)

Badabing said...

I never did like the Dance Wars show...too much filler and repeats.

Star said...

I agree about Lisa rinna's lips. She looks like a cartoon. I also agree that Krist Yamagucci will probably do well.I think Penn Gillette will be fun as well.

Hale McKay said...

I used to think she was so pretty (Days of Our Lives when she played Billie). No I don't watch soaps, but many of my senior clients have these on while I'm at their houses.

A belated Happy Birthday to your son - a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you, Judy.

JeanMac said...

Happy Birthday, Judy's son!

PI said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy. My littlest is 49 on the 24th of Feb and I shall be with him! Yay! (DV)

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your son had a wonderful birthday!!!!

I haven't watched any of those dance shows.
Kristy Yamaguchi grew up in Fremont CA which is where I grew up. I've loved watching her skate over the years.
Lisa Rinna's lips ARE ridiculously huge. I remember seeing her on TV somewhere and thinking... Good grief!! Monster lips!!!

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

I love watching DWTS but I'm not too thrilled with the new group. Who the hell are most of these people!? But I love the judges, especially Bruno, and Tom (can't spell his last name) is a great host.

I think Lisa Rinna would definitely look better with more - um - natural features but she's friendly and funny and I'd take grouper lips if I could have her body with them ;)