Friday, January 25

Odds and Ends

Edgar Cayce

Have you ever met someone on the fly, so to speak, and later wished you could have gotten to know them better or maybe you felt that you had met them before? That happened to me today. Mr. kenju had a doctor's appointment and I sat in the waiting room. A nice-looking couple about our age struck up a conversation with me and then spoke to mr. kenju when he emerged from the inner sanctum. The two men were there for the same purpose, and so were comparing notes about procedures, etc. They are not from here; they live about an hour away in VA, and I found myself wishing we had met under better circumstances, so we could see them again.

The psychic Edgar Cayce once said that every person to whom you speak more than 4-5 words, you have known in a previous life. I know I will lose some of you with that statement.....LOL......but perhaps others will give it some thought. Cayce, a trance psychic, surprised himself by speaking, while in a trance, about the concept of reincarnation. That happened in the 30's or 40's and started him on a life-long investigation into reincarnation in all its aspects. Not transmigration, which is the East Indian belief that people can come back as animals, and vice-versa, but re-incarnation - a soul/spirit incarnating into another human body. I have read many books on the subject and find it fascinating. If you are curious, g**gle Cayce. There are hundreds of books written about him and about the concepts, most of which are not at all contradictory to religious principles.


Have you ever received a gift that you didn't want and later on, perhaps months or years later, you gave it to someone else? I read a story recently about someone who received a gift for her wedding shower that had, on closer inspection, a gift card in the bottom that showed it had been given to the gift-giver. The person who received the gift was insulted, but I am not sure I would be in the same circumstance. It would depend on the gift. Were it an obvious "white elephant" - or something no one wanted - I might be a little insulted and definitely disappointed in the giver.

In December, I was given a gift that the giver identified as a re-gift. She explained that a friend had given her bath salts and she always took showers - never baths - and since she knew I enjoy hot baths, she gave the package to me. I was very happy to get it and didn't mind the re-gift at all, since I understood her reason. Perhaps honesty is a factor in the success or failure of it. If you want to re-gift, tell the giftee why, and offer them the possibility of rejecting it. That way - no one gets hurt.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm happy to say I have never been regifted...well, I shoild say "knowingly regifted"....though I have wondered occassionally why someone gave me a certain thing that seemingly bo relation to my actual 'likes'....! lol...

As I think I told you a very lobg time ago, I read "There Is A River", about 1961, I believe.....A fasctinating and amazing man. His personal story, (I have always felt) would make a fabulous film....!

Shephard said...

As I think you and I have talked about before... I always thought it would be fun to visit the ARE. :) Staggering concept to think about how many words spoken and lives shared.

I think regifting is fine if you mention it, and maybe if it's something appreciated. The more random the gift, the less you feel that you have actually been "thought of." I think that's the key. Did they think of you with the gift, or was your bday/holiday handy? :)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I know my MIL gives regifts and other assorted things she doesn't want to me for Christmas. It's usually a candle, so I don't mind that (and it's always unused when I get it!).

I read a letter to one of the advice columns years ago that was from a bride who had received a salad set and inside the large salad bowl was a brown, stuck on piece of lettuce. So, not only was it regifted, it was a used regift! That's soooo tacky!

Betty said...

I have been fascinated by Edgar Cayce's story, too.

Regifting? Oh, I don't see anything wrong with it if you know the person you're giving it to will like it, even though you don't. I might come clean about it, though.

Inanna said...

T-Bird and I regularly engage in the practice of regifting... to each other. FREE GIFTS!

As far as Cayce, you only have to work in the food service industry for a short while to determine there is at least a collective conscious. Today, everyone wanted sirloin steak salads or crab cake sandwiches. Tomorrow it will be club salads and steak burgers.

I really believe in reincarnation. I've had too many things happen that are more than mere coincidence, although some would say that's all it is. I also believe in synchronicity, and maybe the reincarnation fits into that somehow. I dunno, but its fascinating to think about.

poopie said...

My regifting is kind of a family tradition thing. As the oldest grandchild, my grandmother gave me a lot of stuff to keep and cherish, and then pass on.

Awareness said...

Hey Judy... thank you for the interesting info....I will look into this man's work. I too have always been interested in reincarnation, but havent read much about it.

regifting.......i think it's a great idea.....I don't know whether it will help with global warming, but it does seem to fall under the environmental friendly umbrella now doesn't it? :) said...

Judy, you know I'm a reincarnation believer and Cayce student of sorts. You already know I have had several dreams about the guy who says we've been together many lifetimes before but (for some reason I haven't figured out), we are not together in this one. I think he's trying to say he died in this life.

I don't think our souls always stay intact either. I believe souls can split and reincarnate. I also believe that two or more souls can join and reincarnate. It all depends on what they are hoping to achieve in that lifetime. I also believe not everyone is a reincarnated soul.

Okay, this is getting too deep for a comments section. ;-)

Becky68 said...

I'm ok with being re-gifted, I'm not sure I've ever done so though, I don't remember doing so at least!
I've read a lot of Cayce's writings, my mother has a big interest in him (& in other metaphysical subjects in general) & I have read most of the books she has- or had- she gave me most of her books on these subjects last summer!
Michele sent me tonight

JeanMac said...

I've never re-gifted an article but I have given stuff away (as you said about the bath/shower thing)if someone else would use it.

ET said...

Yes. Yes.

craziequeen said...

The Cornish have a regiving philosophy. My mother is a regifter, thinking someone else might like her gift.

It's recycling in it's purest form :-))
But it has it's pitfalls, obviously!

Michele sent me to say hello today, Judy.

Nancy said...


Yes, I read about Edgar Cayce many years ago and found him fascinating. I heartily agree with OOLOTH; his life story would make a very interesting film.

About regifting: Over the years my four children and their mates have given me many lovely gifts for my home. Mostly Christmas decorations that they knew I would love but would never buy for myself.

After decorating with these gifts for many years, about 5 years ago we stopped having Christmas at my house and instead we gather at my son's who lives in a central location.

Since I don't decorate anymore I decided to give the lovely gifts back to the person who gave it to me. I would wrap it in beautiful paper with a velvet bow and make a great fuss about how much I had enjoyed owning it and using it to make my life and my home beautiful.
But now I wanted it to go back to the person who loved it enough to buy it for me.

These days when I visit my children over the holidays I often see a decoration that I have "Regifted" being used to brighten their Christmas and it's my pleasure to see them again.

Susan said...

I believe it is selfish NOT to re-gift if you have something you don't really want and will not use, and can give it to a friend who will love and appreciate it. What would you do with the item otherwise? If you are a pack rat, you will save it, never use it, and it will add to your clutter; or you will throw it in the garbage and be wasteful. I do think you should tell the new recipient. Nancy's example proves this point beautifully!
Many, many years ago I read Edgar Cayce, perhaps it's time to re-read.

Mahala said...

Cayce was an amazing man. His grandson recently hosted a retreat here in Frog Pond Holler.

Dianne said...

thanks for turning me on to Cayce - I look forward to reading some of his work. I'm positive that souls move on, in, around, over ... all the energy that surrounds a living creature can't just disappear.

I think re-gifting is a great idea. CQ said it best - "recycling in its purest form"

Just fess up about it and only give if the recipient will like and use the gift.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your re-gift experience, the person let you know it was a re-gift and also didn't use it as a regular gift but a surprise...perfect. I do think the 'essence' of ourselves can manifest itself when we leave...but I feel it must be linked to our blood relations---but sometimes there is a group think or group emotion. I don't know...I am late for a hair appointment and rambling here...sorry.


No_Newz said...

I think it's too funny that a regifter would forget who gave the gift and give it back to the original gift giver. What a hoot!
Have a great weekend!

Awareness said...

hi judy....there's a little gift for you at my place. cheers.

Smiler said...

I had never heard of Cayce before, but I'll look him up. I hadn't heard of the 4-5 word thing either, what I thought was that everyone we came across was somehow part of a former life. For reasons which I can't explain, as far back as I remember I've always believed in reincarnation. There is no logic to it, it just seems to make sense to me somehow. So no, I didn't stop reading.

I don't mind at all about someone regifting, as long as it's something I like. If it's something nobody wants, I'd probably be offended and makes some comment to indicate that I know what's going on. If I want to get rid of a gift I don't like, I just give it away as a non-gift. Can't go wrong that way.

Ginnie said...

My husband was intrigued with Edgar Cayce. It's fun to read about him in your post.

Janet said...

there has to be a reason why we're drawn to one person more than another at first meeting! Or even online...Edgar Cayce might be on to something.

Janet said...

oh, and hi, Michele sent me :-)

Marja said...

Oh I am fascinated by reincarnation too and I often think when I meet somebody that I must have met them before (in another life) although I don't say it out loud.
I will check Edgar Cayce out thanks for that.
I think I received a regift once but didn't dare to ask.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I've been fascinated with the ideas taught by Edgar Cayce ever since I was a young girl. Thanks for bringing him up. Peace, JP/deb

rashbre said...

I've read about Cayce before and the access to unconscious, parallel worlds, re-incarnation, karma line of thinking. There's references also via occult and similar, although I think he positioned what he did as towards 'healing'.

Like Naomi says, it would make an interesting film.

Re-gifting around here is usually accidental and involves bottles of wine.

And Hello, Michele sent me!



Tia said...

He was so ahead of his time... I'll have to look for the bok oldoldlady of the hills talks about.

As for re-gifting - I think it is a great idea, as long as there is some thought given to it (and it isn't just about getting rid of junk) - perhaps owning up to it, as you say, is a key as well...