Thursday, December 13

A Visit to Santaland ~ The End!

Two view of the Christmas tree ornaments, up close and personal.

Some wonderful old Christmas postcards. I have a few of these too, and I believe I posted them either last year or the year before.

A pewter creche. You wouldn't believe how heavy these pieces are!

And this is the last of the Santaland photos! Can you believe that so much stuff is contained in five rooms? I'm still wondering how they have room to store all of it.


Beverly said...

I just can't imagine all those Santas.

JeanMac said...

That was a great collection - thanks for posting it. never seen a pewter creche.

Jennifer said...

And here I thought my snowman collection was impressive! I have never seen so many Santas in one place in my entire life. That's just incredible.

Carmi said...

I've always wanted to have my own tree. Never mind that we didn't celebrate the holiday. I loved the tradition, the intricate creations that you got to carefully hang on the tree as you painstakingly worked as a family to build this annual and short-lived work of art in your living room.

Your photographic tour of this remarkable place reminds me why I always wanted to take part in this tradition.

I'm so glad Michele sent me here a little early to take it all in.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It truly is beyond belief, Judy....They must put so very much love and care into ALL the displays---including the trees...! FABTASTIC! I wish you would ask them a couple of things and then tell us here on your blog...
How long does it take to get everytning out and up and displayed?
How long does it take to pack it all up again?
WHERE and HOW do they store it??

It is really quite fantastic and a real treat to see these pictures of this Christmas Santa Passion of your friends!
And Michele thinks so, too! said...

I wonder how much it would cost to insure 5,000 Santas?