Friday, November 30

The tree in the Ladies' Parlour - in two parts. It is about 18 feet tall, and impossible to photograph all in one pic - at least it is for me.

An arrangement that I did, sitting on the sofa table in the Library.

Rhonda did this one, which sits in the main foyer hallway.

Mel's mantel in the ballroom, one of two. It doesn't show here, but there is a figural urn in the center.

Mel's mantel in the Library. The color is way off in this one. I did the 4 foot square boxwood wreath, which is studded with berried holly. In the center are small bright red vases, a signature color for the pottery here in NC that produces them, and a clay piece that is a "choir".

My arrangement for the main foyer console table.

Two fun art pieces made by NC artist Toni Cappel. While we were working, we made up stories about them. The man on the right, whom she named "Colin" is (according to me) a "lounge lizard"; a man past his prime who now sings on cruise ships and in obscure Vegas lounges and panders to women of a certain age.

I had to show you this, my favorite piece in the Mansion, a beautiful green cut glass bowl with a silver rim. Here it is sitting on the grand piano, which is itself a work of art. I couldn't get a good photo of it, due to light reflections.

One of the art glass pieces on loan for the season; a green glass bowl made of glass tubing. It is really spectacular! Here it is sitting on a mirrored plateau in the middle of the dining table. I am hoping that you will be able to enlarge these photos, so you can see these things in greater detail.


Roland said...

Michele sent me to see your beautiful pictures, I love that tree- even though I'm not a Christmas fan it is truly impressive.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

There is so much that you all do in The Governer's Mansion....ANAZING! I wish I could see everytning better...I'm not sure wether it is my eyesight...(Which is definitely not as good as ut was...) or the pictures being rather dark....! Og how I hate this part of getting older....All my bodt parts are screaming in agony...!! LOL!

sage said...

Thanks again Kenju for sharing with us the Old North State's governor's mansion at Christmas--I fondly remember your post from last year--makes me a bit homesick!

gautami tripathy said...

This post is so beautiful. I enjoyed looking at pictures. IN the firt photo, I can see a face with one red eye and one white eye!

Great job you are doing in there!

Michele too would love these photos!


HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Beautiful, what a fun profession.
Michele sent me.

Seamus said...

Everything is just gorgeous! The glass is truly beautiful - antiques or recent?

Joy said...

So beautiful Judy....just love the Xmas tree and all the other decorations. You must be exhausted....but you must be very proud of your work.

Beverly said...

These are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have the day off today to recoup.

Jennifer said...

So, hey, Judy - you wanna come decorate my house? You know, in all your spare time, maybe?

Jamie Dawn said...

You and your co-workers do such gorgeous arrangements and decor.
That bowl is beautiful, and is everything in this post.
That 18 foot tree is impressive!!
LOTS of work!!!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say those are lovely photos...and the decorations are stunning! How fun it must be to work on a project like that!

Kristi said...

That boxwood wreath is beautiful. It's exactly the understated elegance I love. Can you come to my house and decorate it with these wreathes? ;)

moon said...

OH wow, all is just breathtaking! You must have all worked so hard but had alot of fun...and to be part of all that must also make u proud...I know we are all proud of you!!

PI said...

Must be a nightmare working amongst all that precious stuff. Supposing one had an off day and knocked something over? Do you find doing intensive working with decorations hurts your fingers or are they so used to it by now?

Jean said...

dafI put the two pieces of the tall tree together. I'm sending it to you in an email as I don't think you can put photos in comments.

I'm asking after the fact if I might use it on my high school reunion blog through the holidays.

Beautiful work you do!