Tuesday, November 20

Odds and Ends - and Old Foreign Coins

BIG coffee cups and I get along very well. Recently I broke the last large one I had, so I pulled out this one I bought last year after Christmas. I do love a bargain - this one cost about $1.89 on sale, and with my 15% coupon. It is 4" across and deeper than that, so it actually holds two cups.....just my speed. You are perhaps thinking....."The coffee will get cold before she finishes it", and you would be wrong. I can down the whole thing in about 4 minutes, and be back to the pot before you can say ....."Would you care for some more?" And that Santa stop here sign? From my mouth to Santa's ear - I promise I've been really good this year!


Christmas decorating with my boss and the crew starts on Friday, and we work ten straight days, lay off for three and start again for at least three more. Posts may be few and far between on all those days - or maybe I will have a second wind and do it justice - who knows? Therefore, if I am scarce here on the interwebs, you will know why.


Last Saturday found us having dinner at the home of a local blogger, and it was a very nice evening. Food was tasty and plentiful, drinks available, and conversation sparkling - at least theirs was. I'm not too sure about mine or mr. kenju's. A sweet little kitty was present as well, and after an hour or two of patient coaxing on my part, he finally consented to having his head scratched. Every cat I have ever had was at least 10 pounds overweight, so small ones (who are past the kitten stage) always fascinate me. This one was all the more fascinating because his whiskers were white, while most of the rest of him is black. Tres chic! A designer cat!


Are there any numismatists in blogland? I have a small collection of foreign coins, and 2 of them are dated 1919. Surely 88 year old coins are worth something to a coin collector?! They are a penny and a half penny from England; copper coins with the inscriptions:


The penny is in fairly good condition, but the half-penny shows some wear on the reverse.

I just discovered I also have a Canadian coin dated 1900. The inscription on it is:


It is in good condition as well. If you know anyone in coin collecting who might be able to give me an approximate value on these, send them over, please.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin likes a large coffee cup as well. We have bunches. I prefer the regular sized Fiestaware mugs (with the little circular handle thing). I don't know much about coins, but we've amassed quite a collection from around the globe, which Buddy likes to look over. I just know one of your regulars will know how to point you in the right direction.

joared said...

Re your coins, typically a lot depends on the condition of the coins. You might well need to consult a local coin dealer, take notes on what they say, then research on the Internet with more specifics from what I know.

Mar said...

I drink my coffee very quickly because I don't like it when it's not really hot! your cup sounds (and looks!) wonderful

You sound very busy!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I enjoyed this post Judy....It is always kind of fun to read a 'this and that' post because you never know what you will be reading about and there are always interesting surprises....
That cup is pretty big! Four inches? WOW! I was thinking and wondering if you drink two of thode every morning...?
Wish I could help you with the coins---But, I haven't a clue! I do know that for some coins to really be worth something they have to be in "fine" condition, if not better...Hope Mr. Kemju is doing wonderfully well, Judy...With you working the Christmas Decorating Hours he will need to be doing much for himself.
I look forward to seeing pictures of some of the jobs that you will be doing,,,,!

PI said...

Judy the only thing I know about coin collecting is they should be in mint condition - s'cuse the pun.
Mind you don't work too hard.

Tabor said...

I know nothin' about coins. I do know coffee...but drink it fairly slowly so only like smaller cups so that it stays warm so I head back to the pot more often. I actually turn the pot off right after it brews and then it stays warm until I return for my second cup and gently reheat it!

tiff said...

I SO want a coffee cup like that!

I'll just bet that there are coin dealers all over the place who would be glad to talk with you, or maybe you could start online (http://www.coincommunity.com) and do a quick search?

have a wonderful holiday tomorrow, and best of luck wit hthe decorating. Must either put you i nthe mood for Christmas or put you right OFF it. :>

Anonymous said...

Found this website that may help with the coins indentification:

Hope it helps.
Susan, England.

Cant start the day without a big mug of coffee!

utenzi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!

I don't drink coffee but I do like the mug. I use big mugs to drink honeyed tea when I have a sore throat.

Jamie Dawn said...

I have some foreign coins, but I'm not a collector.
I enjoy looking at interesting and/or old coins.

I'm a big mug kind of gal too. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love to drink hot cocoa or tea. I have a couple of large mugs that I use for tomato soup.
Hmm Hmmm gooood.
That Santa mug is perfect for the holidays!!

A designer cat with white whiskers. Meow!!

It's a busy time of year. I hope you don't work yourself too hard. I posted a Thanksgiving post, and that will be all the blogging I do until next week. I'm trying to make stops to all my blog buddies within the next hour. I hope I can get to everyone!!

I wish you and Mr, Kenju a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones.
I'm so thankful that you have Mr. Kenju with you. He could have been taken from you so easily, and it's a blessing that he is home and recovering.
Tell him to go easy on the "forbidden" foods over this holiday weekend. :-)

kenju said...

THANKS to those who gave tips on where to look for info on the coins. I will check them out as soon as the holiday rush is over.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You and me both Judy. I LOVE big coffee mugs. I have so many of them that I have to rearrange my cabinet so they all will fit. I love these big mugs. I fill them up with tea, cocoa or coffee...and it usually lasts me all day.

I've never collected coins, but my brother used to. I know a lot depends on the condition they're in. I would agree with Joared...and check out a local coin dealer.

Omykiss said...

I'm sooooo jealous! your mug is boooooooootiful! I want one too.

Anonymous said...

Re : Coins

The interesting question is, "What does 'Fid. Def.' mean ? I have found that very few British people know, and are often quite surprised when they find out.


Carmi said...

Gaa, Blogger generated a huge error message when I tried to post my comment. Then I hit the Back button and it disappeared. Horrors...lost words!

Anyway, what I WANTED to say before I was so rudely interrupted was this:

I love big mugs. I love holding them in my hands and letting the warmth seep through my fingers. It doesn't matter if it's coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Whatever it is, it's become an important ritual in my life now that I'm writing full-time from home.

Thanks, Judy, for evoking this powerful image.