Thursday, November 22

Another Meme....

I stole the meme from Betty. I hope she doesn't mind! The answers have to start with the first letter of your name:

1. What is your name? Judy

2. 4 letter word: joke

3. Vehicle: Jaguar, jitney, jinriksha

4. City: Johnson City, TN, Jakarta, Indonesia

5. Boy Name: John, James, Justin, Jacob, Jonah

6. Girl Name: Jessica, Julianna, Jennifer

7. Alcoholic drink: (mint) Julep

8. Occupation: juggler, juror, jailbird

9. Something you wear: jumper, jacket, jewelry

10. Celebrity: Jennifer Garner

11. Food: juice, jam, Jerusalem artichoke, junket

12. Something found in a bathroom: a joint (not the kind you smoke, the kind you find in pipes!)

13. Reason for Being Late: jungle fever, journey

14. Cartoon Character : Jeckle and Heckle

15. Something You Shout: Jump!

16. Animal: Jaguar, jackass

17. Body part: jowl

18. Music style: jazz (I added this one)

19. Word to describe you: jaunty? jocular? jolly? jovial? joyous? juvenescent? just? jealous? jubilant? jittery? jabbery?

I JUST realized I've done this meme before. I can't remember when - but I did.

Maybe you'll do it too? Let me know if you do. It's great to post when you have nothing else......LOL


wordnerd said...

I may be stealing this later this week! Good answers!

Visiting from Michele's this time! said...

Happy Thanksgiving Judy!!!!!!

Beverly said...

Oh, that's a good one. I'll have to try it. I might be able to think of a few things with B.

Laura said...

I spy the letter L which means I love your blog, and my name starts with an L, too. LOL.

(I am sooo corny).

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!

Becky68 said...

I did this one a few months ago too!
Michele sent me to visit & say happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

LMAO number 12!

Morning, Judy! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Here via Michele this time!

Ginnie said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Judy. I did this Meme in my mind and it was pretty funny...since I had to use the letter "G".
Maybe one of these days, after the Holidays, when you come South we can meet up for coffee with our new blogger Bud. He's a hoot and you'd like him !

Bob-kat said...

Great meme!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

tiff said...

Heh - joint? Suuuuure.

The K might be too tough to do this with any kind of panache. Can I substitute T for Tiff?