Tuesday, September 4

Quotes of Note and an Update

Just as a cautious businessman avoids tying up all his capital in one concern, so, perhaps, worldly wisdom will advise us not to look for the whole of our satisfaction from a single aspiration.
Sigmund Freud(1856-1939)


No man is clever enough to know all the evil he does.
La Rochefoucauld(1613-1680)

The world owes all its onward impulses to men ill at ease. The happy man inevitably confines himself within ancient limits.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, novelist and short-story writer (1804-1864)

You guys are so good for my ego. Everytime I post photos of my flowers you respond so favorably that my spirits are boosted way up - and I hope you know how much I appreciate that! It is especially important right now. Many of you have alluded to the fact that I need to take care of myself during this time with mr. kenju in the hospital. It has not been easy; the rehearsal dinner and wedding were somewhat stressful, since they were larger than most of the ones I do on my own. I thank God for my children, as they have responded quickly in my time of need, allowing me to concentrate on my business, and not have to worry too much about mr. kenju. Once he was actually IN the hospital, I ceased to worry. Before that, I was so very furious with him I could think of nothing else.

You should have seen the look on the mother of the bride's face this morning when she came to return the vases, and I told her about mr. kenju having a stroke on the 17th. She was in total disbelief that I had been able to do all the flowers under the circumstances. I suppose it is like show business - "The show must go on" - no matter what!

Mr. kenju continues to show improvement, and the toll of the therapy is showing as well. He is tired afterward, which in my opinion, is good. It shows that he is working hard. His goal is to come home about a week from today, and he may reach it. I was told that he walked 35 feet today, with a walker, but otherwise unaided. His roommate said he wanted to jump up and shout when he saw him do it. It is amazing the way those two have bonded in just a week! I mused on the way home from the hospital tonight that we will undoubtedly see depression and withdrawal symptoms in both of them when they are separated. When I got to the room today, they were sitting in their wheelchairs, side by side, but in tete-a tete position. I honestly think they both resented my intrusion! LOL

I got home at 6:30pm tonight and prepared a perch dinner. I can only eat fish here when mr. kenju is gone, so I am milking that for all it's worth. I ate 4 pieces of it! Afterward, I sat in my favorite chair, with a cup of coffee and a single-serving-size container of Blue Bunny ice cream. I tried to watch Antiques Roadshow, but I fell into la-la land early, and woke up at 12:30 am. And here I am, at 1:30 am, blogging. I missed reading your posts tonight, but you understand don't you? I needed the sleep more. I hope you haven't written anything of momentous importance in the last few days, because I surely missed it. If so, point me in your direction, won't you?


gautami tripathy said...

I like your quotes always and love to read your reflections. I have written few reviews and some poetry but those ae not very important. So you did not miss anything...:D

I am always glad to be here from Michele's!

November Rain said...

I took almost 6-9 months off of blogging because of Health

rule of thumb sweetie, you first
we understand

always try to take everything in moderation

you your family and your life is far more important

take care and thanks for slipping in my blog seeing how busy you are I am honers that I was one of the few you got in to read

ET said...

It is good that Mr. Kenju continues to improve.

And good you got some rest, even if it was zonked out in front of a TV.

Sonia said...

Hi Judy, I am glad to hear that Mr. Kenju continues to show improvement and also walked! Just great!

I like your quotes, too!

Mahala said...

Momentous importance? I've barely managed "mildly unboring."

I'm pretty sure that this roomate was brought to Mr. Kenju for a reason. Perhaps it's a friendship that will carry past the recovery situation.

Everything for a reason :)

Kristi said...

Oh Judy, once again, how in the heck did I miss the fact that Mr. Kenju had a stroke? Still can't believe I've been that "out of it" lately.

Please take care of yourself, and eat all the ice cream you want during this time. You need some stress-relief, and I've found ice cream does wonders. I'm so glad he's improving!

The Turmanators said...

Good for you...pamper yourself and RELAX. You've more than earned it. Besides, how will you take care of Mr. K. when he comes home if you are worn to a frazzle?

So sorry about my lazy posting. I used to take a break on the weekends but recently started the Meet and Greet thing to make some new friends, and since that is on the weekend it's only fair that I not bore everyone! I will do better, I promise. There is a new post up now, but get your rest and check it out later on.

Mike Davis said...

I hope you get Mr Kenju home as soon as possible. You must have enormous strength of character to keep going through it all.

Thanks for stopping by!


Maria said...

It sounds like you have a handle on everything right now. I am glad the wedding and all that pressure is finished. It will give you more time to concentrate on Mr. K.

Also it makes me smile that you are in a way caring for yourself. Comfort food is important. . . but fish and ice cream? The heck with it, eat what ever makes you happy.

Bob-kat said...

It is such good news that Mr Kenju is making good progress. I am sure that the bond with his room mate is helping and that he is working hard to meet his goal.

I am also very pleased to hear that you are indulging yourself a little with your fish and the ice-cream :)

Lastly, of course I undersatnd about you putting sleep above blogging. Real life comes first! If you do have time, then I have been posting about a very tough course I am currently on. If you don't have time, then now you know what I am up to in a nutshell!

BreadBox said...

Judy, I made sure to write nothing of any import at all for the past few days, just for you. The other days when I've written absolutely nothing of any import at all have been for completely different reasons:-)

Glad that things are looking up for you Mr Kenju, as slowly as it must feel like the progress is being made, at least it *is* being made and is in the right direction.


moon said...

I have purposely not done any new posts so u wouldnt miss anything..... ehem..HONEST!!

I'm glad u are done that big job...u do need to take time for yourself. Although work does keep one busy, we often forget to nuture ourselves when we are worried about others....
So good to hear things are moving forward positively with mr kenju, and I bet he has made a friend for life..with the way those 2 have bonded ..and it certainly must make his stay there alot more pleasant.

rennratt said...


We will still be here after everything settles down.

Simply keep us updated Mr. K's progress, and get all the rest you can.

Eat all the fish and ice cream you want, but watch tv from the COUCH or recliner. It will be easier on your neck.

Thumper said...

Sounds like Mr K and his roomie need to swap email addresses or phone numbers :) You can meet friends in the oddest places...

Loving Annie said...

I totally understand. Sleep, eat fish, enjoy the Blue Bunny ice cream, and your dear Mr. Kenju will be home in a week !
In the meantime, take good care of yourself - you have earned the rest and relaxation !

Beverly said...

Judy, it's late Tuesday night, and I'm just seeing this post. I'm so glad Mr. Kenju has such a compatible roommate.

Good for you for falling asleep in the chair! You need all the rest you can get.

PI said...

You deserve a medal for how you are coping Nothing momentous here except another episode of the story. Don't miss it when you return:)