Saturday, September 1

It's Over! ~ 9-1-07

Well, it's over for me, anyway. The wedding was held at an estate called Longview, The Poe House. The wreath on the door is fresh, as are all the flowers. The variegated ivy came from my yard.

This is the dining room, where the cake is usually placed, but was not for this wedding.

One of the "altar" arrangements.

The buffet centerpiece. It sat atop a cocktail table placed in the center of a cluster of round tables. I like it better when I can place it atop a small pedestal, but this is the way the caterer wanted it.

One of the fourteen centerpieces; seven were in ginger jars and seven were in square vases, seen below. See the medium pink rose in the lower left corner? It is a garden rose from Ecuador and the fragrance is heavenly. They were out of season too, since it is now winter in Ecuador, and the wholesaler had a hard time locating enough of them for me.

I did not get photos of the bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets for this one. The cake baker, who should have delivered the cake around 4pm, didn't arrive until 5:30 (and the ceremony was to start at six).
Then, she had to completely assemble a four tier cake and add icing decor between each tier. I could have left at 5:15 pm, but I had to wait until she finished assembling the cake so I could decorate it. We were trying to keep the bride from knowing that the cake was late - and it wasn't easy!
I am always uncomfortable when guests are arriving and I am still on site. Women in gorgeous long dresses and men in tuxes or dress suits were milling about, and there I stood beside the cake baker, who was dressed in denim shorts and sneakers. At least I had on linen pants and cr*cs. I was livid and trying not to show it, but because of the cake woman, I will have to charge the parents another 45 minutes of labor. I suspect they are going to have a heated discussion with her later. The cake was not even pretty and rather amateurish in design. It is too bad, because everything else about the wedding was classic and beautiful.

Mr. kenju was in good spirits tonight. The wedding site is only 1/4 mile from his hospital, so I got there about 6:10 pm. The roommate and his wife were talkative again, and I found out that they had been up at 3am, talking and laughing. The nurses thought they were nuts, and so do I. But they are really enjoying each other, and I am happy for that.


vicki said...

Such a major accomplishment, especially in the face of stress and strain related to Mr. kenju's recovery. These last couple weeks have been wuite the journey for you, Judy. I am moved by the recent posts with good memories of times past with him- you have such a history together!

And thank gooness for upbeat chatty roommates who can sleep through snoring!

The flowers are simply amazing. I love the varieties of roses-the colors, sizes, shapes. Wish I could smell them. You do beautiful work- and help create good memories and history for others. That's important work!

Claude said...

I think it's lucky and wonderful that Mr Kenju has such a nice roommate, it's probably helping him a lot.
Great flower arrangements!

Bernie said...

I loved the arrangements you did, if you were to come to Sydney, I would engauge your services for sure!

I am also glad that Mr Kenju is feeling better, but to be up at 3am... L is (lately) up at that time in the morning... Insane!!!

Here from Michele's this evening, after a long Fathers day with lunch!!!

TLP said...

Beautiful. That's an over-used word, but it's the word that best says what I think of your arrangements. Beautiful.

The Turmanators said...

I don't know, kenju, what little I have learned about you tells me that you can be unconventional too! And to design such incredible arrangements you must think well outside the box. They are marvelous and unexpected...just what someone with radical tastes would want! BTW - my sis lives in Raleigh/Durham area and just got engaged. She will be searching for a florist. Do you have a website/store/etc?

So glad your husband is recovering nicely.

TLP said...

Just read many of the posts below. I'm sorry about your husband's stroke. Very scary. You're being very brave and upbeat. That's a good thing. Good luck to both of you.

Nancy said...

Whew!!!! What a lot of work you did. But just a wonderful reward.

Aren't you smart (I almost said lucky,but luck has nothing to do with it)to take beautiful photographs of your arrangements?
You can have the pleasure of looking at them for years.

Glad Mr. K is well on the way to recovery.

Beverly said...

Your work is wonderful, Judy!

I wish I had had a roommate who could laugh and talk at 3 a.m. when I was in rehab after my knee surgery. I spent many sleepless night. Someone to laugh with would have worked wonders.

Here's hoping the laughter will lower the blood pressure.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Beautiful Judy....truly beautiful. Another wonderful job...Kudos to you. I'm sure this was a little harder than some with Mr. Kenju on your mind. Cheers to you.

Chancy said...

Oh my. I wonder what Mr K and his room mate were talking about at AM. I hope they were telling all the old jokes they have ever known. Laughter is good for recovery.

What a blessing to have a compatible person in the next bed during convalescence.

Sonia said...

I am glad with the good news from Mr. Kenju! Cheers!

Love the arrangements and the flowers! Just stunning, Judy!

Ginnie said...

I'm really impressed, Judy, with all the lovely arrangements. Also very happy for you that your husband is doing well.

Loving Annie said...

How incredibly utterly exquisite, Kenju ! That almost makes me want to get married ! What lovely lovely lovely flowers ! oh my. Such talented arranging ! Gorgeous !

I'm going to add you to my links !

Happy Sunday to you,
Loving Annie

Bob-kat said...

You're wedding flowers are so gorgeous. It's a shame about the cake but I am glad they had you're beautiful flowers.

I am also glad that Mr Kenju's spirits are so high. Hopefully this is a great pick-me-up for you too!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Another beauteous foray by my favorite decorator. Nicely did, Judy.

Give Mr. Kenju a friendly pat from me, okay?

sister AE said...

Hi, there, I'm here from Michele's. Your floral work is beautiful! And those special roses sound delicious.

We spend a long time picking a roommate in so many living situations, but in a hospital or rehab place, you end up in a stressful situation when you have no choice. It sounds like the current roommate is at not a bad match at all!

BreadBox said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, and I am sure that the wedding was lovely etc etc etc....
but I have to tell you that the last few times I have come here the past little while I have wanted to scroll down immediately to find out the latest about Mr K.
The wedding is lovely. Yes. But we want to know that Mr K is okay.

ps. Michele sent me to get unfairly bent out of shape with you.....
and we are happy things are okay...

Jamie Dawn said...

I can virtually smell those roses!!

Cris said...

I was here yesterday and forgot to comment on your accomplishment, you have so much strenght to be dealing with your husband's illness and still be such a good professional. The arrangements are really gorgeous!

Shephard said...

I esp. love the wreath on the door with the pink flowers. Stunning.