Monday, July 23

True or False?

Take the test! and go to Ronni's for another story of mine!

1. A courteous response to a telephone call coming to you at your workplace would be to name your firm and follow with "How may I help you?" T F

2. Writing thank you notes is a social, rather than a business, courtesy.

3. You should rise and offer your hand across your desk as an immediate acknowledgement of a client. T F

4. A telephone number must be repeated when leaving voice mail, once at the beginning of the message and again when concluding the message. T F

5. Men should stand for all introductions, but women may remain seated.

6. At a reception, hold your beverage in your right hand. T F

(answers to these will be in the comments. Don't peek!)

This is an excerpt from a speech I heard last week, given by an etiquette expert at our florist's association meeting. Cecelia Grimes has excellent credentials and she gave a very good talk on business etiquette. Here is her website. She is available for talks to groups and clubs, and is a worthwhile and entertaining speaker, whether the subject is business or social etiquette.

Here is a list of faux pas she discussed. We have all experienced a few of these, I am sure!

1. Chewing and popping gum in a business or a professional setting.

2. Continuing a personal conversation wih a colleague when approached by a client/customer.

3. Having soft-drink cans and snack wrappers in view of customers.

4. Responding to a request with "I don't know." Even if the information is unknown to you, the correct response is "Just a moment, please, and I'll get that information for you."

The printed handout concluded with this list of irrating things. Which of them bugs you the most?

1. Listening to a diner blow his nose at the table.

2. Enduring another's personal cell phone call.

3. Experiencing uncertainty about who is paying for a meal.

4. Sitting near a person who is smoking.

5. Watching a person "double-dip" at a reception.

6. Having a dinner partner who chews with his mouth open.

7. Realizing that someone doesn't remember your name, just after you've been introduced.

8. Seeing a driver use a cell phone while driving.

9. I added: a driver who plays his radio/CD so loudly that the bass rattles in your chest when you stop for a signal light.

Do you have any pet peeves to add to this list?


kenju said...

1. T
2. F
3. T, plus walk out to the fron of the desk.
4. T, speak slowly and clearly.
5. F, not in a business setting, although in a social setting it is okay.
6. F, can't shake

kenju said...

oops - # 6: you can't shake hands easily if you are holding a drink in your right hand.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I've forgotten what the questions were...LOL, LOL...I got so busy on the "thingsthat annoy you most"....
#4--This one agout smoking is the most annnoying to me, and I cannot do it!
I don't know what #5---Double Dipping is???
#9--I'm with you on that one Judy...

I would add Automated Phone Systems....Deeply Deeply annoying...Easier for 'TYhe Business'...LOUSY for the Customers!

Babette said...

Loved this, Judy! Something tells me you have impeccable manners.

I am teaching etiquette to 4th - 6th graders as part of a Classical Clubhouse class at our homeschool center in the fall. I am going to try to track down some more of Cecelia Grimes' teachings.

We use the Goop books at home. Do you know them?

Bob-kat said...

All of them are irritating but soem more than others. I think the smoking one is the worse but anything that is inconsiderate bugs me. I'm also with naomi on the automated voice menu things thoguh in the UK I know how to get around them :)

PI said...

A pet hate is standing at a check out and having the person behind me ram their trolleyinto my legs. And people who stand chatting blodking doorways. GRRRRRR!

Kristi said...

Great list of pet peeves, all of which are supremely annoying. Here's another: trying to talk to someone over the phone, and having that person carry on a simultaneous discussion with someone who is in the room with them. So annoying! Just give me your full attention, or ask to call me back later. I'll understand. Really, I will!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Babette, I was startled to read that you teach to 4th-6th graders . . . until I saw that you do it in your "homeschool center." I assume these are homeschooled kids? My two daughters were. Why aren't manners taught in schools, I wonder, instead of all the P.C. stuff?

And yes, I too somehow am sure that Kenju has impeccable manners!


rennratt said...

My personal pet peeve (ok, one of MANY):

A sales clerk who appears annoyed to "have" to wait on you.

I want to ask "Am I bothering you? Did I wake you up?!"

I realize that everyone has a bad day, and tend to let it go. When I see repeated negative behavior from the SAME PERSON, it is really hard to swallow.

Sometimes, I just want to tell them that they may be happier in another line of work.

Hopefully one not associated with the public.

Laura said...

As I read through this list, I couldn't help thinking of an experience I had this morning at the Orthodontist's office.
It is common for their dental technicians to come into the waiting room to discuss the child's progress with their braces. The Orthodontist will come out whenever there is a problem, or if it's a new patient.

I wish they'd take the parent back to another room instead of discussing all the details in the waiting room in front of all the other patients.

Every time the tech comes out to talk to the parent, the whole room freezes while everyone stares and listens in on the conversation.

This morning, there was one incident that would take too long to describe here in comments, but suffice it to say, had they simply invited the parent to another room, much embarrassment would have been averted!

Nancy said...

Hi Judy,

My pet peeve is when you walk into a shop and the clerk or clerks are so busy stocking shelves and decorating counters in case a customer comes in that they don't have time to wait on the customer standing right in front of them. YOU!

vicki said...

I got all those right. But what if it's a choice between blowing your nose or snot? I guess you can leave the room...

My pet peeve is when the redneck in front of me buys the last piece of teryaki jerky at the Stop 'n Jerk on U.S. 41 in Baraga. MI. Sigh.

I've been missing you, too, Judy.

Beverly said...

Hi, I'm just getting caught up on all my blog reading...didn't have access to a computer in Chicago. Well, I did, but at a price, so I didn't.

I like the post with the laws down below this one.

Marty: said...

Great list of pet peeves. I had an experience today: I bought a can of "squirt" whipped cream and at the counter I noticed the lid was unattached. I asked the clerk if I could get another one. She asked the bagger if he'd go get one for me, and he replied "I don't think it's that big a deal." I said it was to me, and he carried off the can. As he walked away he took off the lid and squirted some right into his mouth! Not really a pet peeve since I hope it never happens again, but still gross.

Shephard said...

My biggest is people not doing what they say they'll do without giving a polite reason.

Good list.

Crimson said...

Thank you notes for everything are a MUST. I don't care what the experts say....I am a huge, huge, huge, freak about always making sure they are sent.