Saturday, June 23

A Whale of a Tale

Well, maybe just a shark tale!

The highlight of the First Annual Kenju Family North Myrtle Beach Trip, at least for this grandson, was catching a baby shark. He had fished on a pier all day with his aunt and caught nothing, so he went out that night about 9pm on the beach, and soon reeled in the shark. We all decided we would not be wading in the water after dark! The baby was set free soon after the pics were taken, and I hope he remembers our kindness if he ever comes within 50 yards of us again.

This 13-year-old has a 'summer romance' story as well. Early in the week he and his brother played ping pong with another family who had a daughter about ten. On our last day there, the grandmother approached our tent on the beach and said....."We want to compliment you on your boys _____&_____. They are so cute and polite (we wondered if she had the right family...LOL), and our granddaughter has a huge crush on the oldest. She has been taking photos of him on the beach from the balcony and I want to know if I could take a photo of him so I can have it blown up and give it to her for her birthday."

We laughed and said we'd have to trick him, otherwise, he'd never stand for the photo. So as he came back up the beach, I used her camera, and I had him pose first by himself, and then with his two brothers. The grandmom was very pleased and went back to her condo. So our grandson will be a "pin-up" on some girl's bedroom wall this summer. I agree with the girl - he IS quite the looker - but his mom would have my head if I showed a good pic of him on the blog, so the face behind the shark will have to suffice.


Carmi said...

I love stories like this, Judy. They speak of a time in a child's life when the world is his oyster and it's all potential and goodness when he looks forward.

You captured it beautifully.

Peter said...

Some folk seem paranoid about the internet Judy, a shame the world has got like that.

Biff Spiffy said...

Great post, it looks like y'all had a wonderful time! Sad but true, sometimes folks take liberties with others' precious pictures (just ask Wordnerd). I like your creativity though. Cute lil shark, did anyone see if it had teeth (something I would have done as a wee lad)?

Beverly said...

Well, with kittens and sharks and cute grandsons, it sounds like you had a good week. I'm flying to Richmond tomorrow and then driving to Waynesboro to see the beautiful Ella.

margalit said...

Summer love. I can hear the waves in the background as someone's singing "Summer Place"! Nothing like a first love as a summer romance.

That's a sand shark. They don't bite.

Michele sent me

srp said...

Oh, what a doting grandma and a matchmaker to boot.... love the baby shark. Yes, please shark, remember the kindness. You remember what mama shark did to those nasty humans who killed her baby in Jaws II, or was it Jaws III. Well, one of them! ;)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh that delicious summer exciting it is. What a great family time you had Judy. Glad that little sand shark was ALL you saw of those guys.

Seamus said...

Stealth pin-ups!!!! Bwahahaha!

We used to catch young black tip sharks surf fishing off the east coast of Florida. My girls stopped swimming in the surf for a looooong time!

Claude said...

Ah! teenage summer love! Lovely story and great pic!

Anna said...

This is great Judy...that is so cool that he caught a shark...and good for you all for getting it documneted with a photo. I am so glad that you all had fun and made some lasting memories!

Bob-kat said...

It looks exactly like a mini version of the adults (the shark that is!).

It is so sweet about thta little girls crush :)

PI said...

Is that really a shark? It could bite your toes off!
Lovely story about your grand-son. We have to be so careful with photographing children now. I agree with Peter - it's a sad day when we have to think twice about recording our children's lives and friends.
Hi from Michele!

Mr. Althouse said...

Now that's a fish story! Summer is a magical time for kids of all ages... even one who is 44.

Michele sent me,


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

First of all---what an amazing catch a Baby Shark! I've never seen one before!
And I LOVE that your Grandson is a "Pin-Up", at this young age! It reminds me of how "in love" one can feel, even at ten years old....! Lovely story, y dear.
It sounds like this was a wonderful vacation for you all as a family! And nobody killed each other! (LOL)

poopie said...

How precious! Kiss the beach for me :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I agree with the Mom on the photo decision. You never know who or when a photo such as this might be abused. My little guy is still small enough I can show his face, but in years to come he will either be anonymous or I will have to start a family blog.

And I doubt that shark could do much harm at that size. They are sharks, not piranhas.


Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVED this post!
What a catch - both the shark and your grandson!!
How cute that that little girl has such a crush on him.
She will LOVE having that photo of him on her wall.
Puppy love is so sweet.

Crimson said...

THAT is why I don't swim in water where any sort of fish live. =) Ahhh, sweet summer romance. I love it.