Saturday, May 5

Meme ~ Me ~ Meme ~ Me ~ Meme

(check out those eyebrows, and pretend you don't notice the bandaid over the huge zit on my left side! Miss kenju in 1960)

That A-B-C meme that's making the rounds in blogland has landed on my doorstep. Miz. AC over at Sonnets of the Hermit (see my blogroll) tapped me with it yesterday, after having declared a blog hiatus the day before that! So here goes, although I cannot imagine that there is something you don't know about me already (lol):

A: Attached or Single?: Very attached to the same man for almost 43 years.

B: Best Friend: I have had many of these over the years, and the best of the best is now deceased. I like to make new best friends whenever I can.

C: Cake or Pie? I have to make a choice? Chocolate cake or pecan pie - a tie!

D: Drink of Choice? Coffee, beer, water - in that order. On rare occasions, red wine or a frozen margarita.

E: Essential Item: my computer! How could I blog without it?

F: Favorite Color: to wear - black. To live with - green. I really like all colors, except pale pink, which does nothing for me at all! Pink flowers are okay, though.

G: Gummi Bears or Worms: neither one; give me chocolate truffles!

H: Hometown: Charleston, WV

I: Indulgence: the aforementioned chocolate truffles! Or Blue Bunny Ice Cream

J: January or February? ACK! neither one thrills me. I don't like cold weather.

K: Kids: three, ages 35, 37 and 41 (and nine grandchildren!)

L: Life is Incomplete Without: my family, my animals, flowers, good friends.

M: Marriage Date: July 2, 1964

N: Number of Siblings: None; I was a lonely-only.

O: Oranges or Apples? I love both, and I prefer them in their natural state. Royal Galas are the best!

P: Phobias/Fears? spiders. I've had a few spider bites and I fear getting another.

Q: Favorite Quote: "The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me" Meister Eckhart.

R: Reasons to Smile: my grandchildren, my cats, beautiful flowers.

S: Season? Spring for the flowers, and fall for the colorful leaves.

T: Tags: Anyone who wants to do it - and let me know if you do, please.

U: Unknown fact about me: I have only vomited three times in my whole life (not that I want to do it more!)

V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Opressor, if you must put it that way! Especially chicken.

W: Worst Habit? kenju could answer this one better than I. Maybe it's that I'm a "know-it-all" (he tells me that.....LOL)

X: X-rays or Ultrasound: I'd prefer not to need either one!

Y: Your Favorite Foods: fried chicken wings, mashed potatoes, green beans.

Z: Zodiac? Scorpio, and a triple one at that. That means I am Scorpio sun sign, moon sign and ascendant. Scorpio has two main symbols: the scorpion and the eagle. I have gone through the scorpion stage and am now firmly lodged in the eagle phase of my life (I hope).

So there it is. You now know more than you ever cared to about me, and you have AC to thank!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, Michele sent me over and I'm so glad she did...! This was a good one Judy....I'm with you on the chocolate stuff...(LOL)...9 fantastic, my dear...And 43 years with Mr. Kenju...That's fabulous, too!
And that picture of you is just beautiful and I couldn't see any blemish what-so-ever...!

Mamacita said...

Can I be one of your best friends? I can't WAIT to meet you!

Yemi said...

Wow! Lots of fun information. Nice to meet you kenju.

AC said...

I even clicked to biggify the photo and couldn't see the bandaid either. Its a beautiful shot!

Thanks for playing along. Its good to find fellow flowers, chocolate and coffee types.

I must have been kidding (myself) about a hiatus.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Your anniversary is on my birthday! Reading this reminds me that one of my friends tagged me to do this meme.

Have a great sunday...Michele says hi!

millie garfield said...

When I first saw that picture of you I thought it was a "movie star."

Maybe Linda Darnell, Elizabeth Taylor or someother glamor girl from the 50's but I was you Judy - Beautiful!!

And love those brows!!

Brianf said...

I read this...
Your Favorite Foods: fried chicken wings, mashed potatoes, green beans.
and I thought, "What is she from Charleston, WV?"
Michele sent me.

Tabor said...

You were (are) quite a looker. No wonder Mr. Kenju has hung on for so long!

Joy Des Jardins said...

There's some great stuff there Judy. What a beautiful picture; and try as I might...I couldn't see a bandaid or even a blemish on your lovely face.

kenju said...

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about the old image of me above. I always liked that photo a lot because it made me look better than I did in real life.....LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

You mentioned chocolate truffles!!!!
You also mentioned chocolate cake.
We would make good friends, I think.

Beautiful photo!

No_Newz said...

It's always great getting to know more about my friends! :) I love that picture!! Can't see the zit or bandaid. You are beautiful!

Jay said...

I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that you've only vomited 3 times!

Bob-kat said...

Oh, yes, it has to be chocolate over gummi bears or worms for sure! I enjoyed reading your answers very much though I have no idea what Blue Bunny ice-cream is!

That pic of you is a great shot and very striking :)

Michele sent me this time.

Beverly said...

That is a gorgeous photo. You look so sophisticated. I've got to get busy on this. I was tagged by Karen a couple of days ago...

MorahMommy said...

Thank you for sharing so much about you...I enjoyed reading it. I would pick chocolate cake and coffee, hands down.

Loved the's gorgeous!

michele sent me today.

Anna said...

What a wonderful picture Judy....I love it.

Shephard said...

I LOVE Chocolate truffles. Adore them even.

I'm all for oppressing a good roast chicken between my teeth.

I'm a Leo, Libra moon (for balance) and Scorpio Asc... but I have Neptune sitting there on the Asc also. So far, it hasn't been painful.

Enjoyed reading and learning more about you.

bornfool said...

Of course I have to focus on this one: Only vomited three times in your life? I've vomited three times in a night. said...

You are so wholesome and sweet looking Judy. You should be a TV star.

PI said...

Beautiful girl - so like a star whose name escapes me - a fifties star with a nice bosom. will return and read it properly.

PI said...

Some of my closest friends have been Scorpio including MTL so I've got your number honey:)

Wordnerd said...

What a gorgeous photo, Judy!

I'm really freaking out at the vomitx3 stat -- that's really amazing!!!

utenzi said...

I'd not have noticed that bandaid, Judy.

Carolyn said...

I didn't see any bandaid either- just a very pretty face w/eyebrows to kill for ;D

Shephard said...

Judy, if you want, I can digitally remove that bandaid if you send me the file. Tho I wouldn't have noticed it. :)

Laura said...

Judy, I love that quote, I'm c&p it to remember.
And what a beautiful picture of you!! Very expressive eyes, too.:)

rosemary said...

You are a lovely representative of the 60' eyebrows were arched like half moons! When ever you share personal parts of you I am are quite the wonder!

Blitz Krieg said...

I love me some Blue Bunny ice cream and also Bluebird orange juice in the can. Always had both on my second submarine.

Had to enlarge and really look to see the band-aid.

Farrago said...

I can't help but fear you're sensitive about the eyebrow comments. Maybe that's because I am... I'm a former monobrow kid. If you look at my profile pic you can practically connect the dots.

Let's hear it for electrolysis and waxing! LOL!

Oops! I wasted one of my "Things you didn't know about me!"

Cris said...

I couldn't see the bandaid... :-) Nice shot and answers!

Paul said...

That's not a zit. It's a watch.