Tuesday, May 22

Let's All Go to the Movies

Since our daughter signed us up for Blockbuster On-line, I have seen more movies in the last six weeks than the previous three years, I think. This sevice works very well for us; I list the ones I want, they are sent in serial fashion and then I have two ways to return them: I can mail them in their postage-paid envelopes, or I can return the DVD's to a Blockbuster store and then I get to pick out a free DVD! The problem is, while my favorite TV programs are still playing new shows and finales, the time available for viewing DVD's is short. Until summer break comes, the DVD's are stacked high and I get overwhelmed at the number and choices available to me!

I saw "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz, Cate Winslett, Jack Black and Jude Law. I expected it to be a complete chick flick (and it is) but it had more merit than usual. One of the characters is played by Eli Wallach and he gives a charming and excellent portrayal of a man once revered in Hollywood, who is now aging and well past his prime (more so in his own mind). The relationship between him and the character played by Cate is very touching.

Mr. kenju started watching with me, but he retired to the bedroom TV when (in his opinion) the plot took a turn for the worse. I admit it is implausible, but not impossible, for a woman to have sex almost immediately with a man she has just met (and not for money). I begged him to remember it was just a movie, after all......LOL

Jack Black's character was one I could be sympathetic with, and I liked both him and his role more than I expected. Jude Law actually played an upstanding/moral person in this one......very different from the guy he was in the last movie I saw. I can't remember the name of it - but he was a total cad! (Life imitates art, here or maybe vice-versa).


I also saw "The Hours", with Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. I think I'd have been better prepared for this one had I read "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf before viewing the movie. The plot follows the three main characters, who each inhabit a different time period. One is the author of Mrs. Dalloway, one is a woman who is reading "Mrs. Dalloway" and one is........I forget. I should probably read that book and then watch the DVD again......LOL. The three characters pop-up in the movie one after the other, and so quickly that I hardly had time to process the information from one and think about how it fitted in with the others. Each of the actresses did an excellent job, as they always do, but the story line bounced around too much for me.

This afternoon, I am going to watch "Pan's Labyrinth", and I hope it is as good as some of the reviews I read online. I will be sure to let you know if it isn't!
Edit: Pan's Labyrinth was well worth the two hours. Aside from some violence (during which I always shut my eyes), it was an interesting story. It takes place in 1944 in Spain. I believe it would behoove me to have seen it in the theater, as I think a large screen would be preferable.


Anna said...

I loved The Holiday.....great movie!

Crimson said...

The Holiday is one of my favorites. I had to keep reminding myself "Jude law is a creep in real life".......because I was totally in love with him in that movie. And Jack? You know how much I love him anyhow. =)

TLP said...

I didn't see The Holiday, but I enjoyed The Hours very much. I had read the book, and that is a big help of course.

I love blogger reviews of movies. Helps me decide what to rent. Thanks.

michelle said...

haven't watched the holiday, but i loved the hours and i can't wait to watch Pan's Labyrinth!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Kate Winslett is my favorite actress - she is like...the female Johnny Depp!

Shephard said...

Wow, you sat thru Pan's Labyrinth?
I can't do movies like that. Nope. Don't have the constitution. I know what's in it, and B has seen it for research at work. I'll be happily skipping that one, despite its artistic merit and brilliance.

Thanks for the movie reviews. :)
We watched several rented movies this weekend too.

Diane said...

I read the Hours, but haven't seen either film!

Hello, Michele sent me

Greg said...

Sometimes I'll get into watching DVD's exclusively, if setting up the satellite TV in the trailer becomes too much trouble. I have about 50 on my table now, to put away!

Peter said...

Hi Judy, I've seen your first two movies and found them both pretty much as you described, haven't seen the third one.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just saw The Holiday, too, Judy...(Through Netflix...) I LOVED it! I think Nancy Myers---The Writer-Director is a very bright and talented woman...She also W/D "Something's Gotta Give", another film I just loved!!!
And I liked Jude Law better in this than almost anything I have seen him in! Kate Winslet is WONDERFUL and Eli Wallich...An absolute dream!

Bob-kat said...

Nice reviews. I haven't seen any of these films but Pans labyrinth has been on my list for quite a while.

The last film I watched was 28 Days Later on DVd in preparation for a visit to the cinema to see 28 Weeks Later.

Blitz Krieg said...

The last movie I saw was Pirates II. Thursday night night I have a date with the dughter to see number III, first showing.

utenzi said...

As for the plot twist, it's more than possible--women do it all the time. I don't understand why tho.

Netflix and Blockbuster online are great services, Judy. I love the concept though I don't belong to either at the moment.

millie garfield said...

Judy, I feel like you do, it can be overwhelming to have those DVD's waiting for you. I started with Netflix about a month ago and love the idea of getting to see movies that I have missed BUT my evening can get pretty busy what with making supper, eating, cleaning up and a few phone calls to make or receive - Then it's almost time for a favorite TV show - and the DVD is calling to me - what's a person to do --

Today I'll be receiving "The Good German" But tonight at 8:00, season finale of American Idol, the Good German will have wait until tomorrow.

I'll be adding "Holiday" to my queue, your review sounds like I will enjoy it.

Happy viewing

srp said...

Nyssa loves Virginia Woolf as a writer... I find her work hard to follow. She writes in a "free flow of consciousness" style and much of her work, at least the parts I read, don't have much plot. Mrs. Dalloway is one of her favorite Woolf books.

Claude said...

I didn't expect to like the Holiday, as much as I did, it turned out quite good with a relationship between old and young that I enjoyed.
I also remember liking The Hours and wondering throughout the movie, which of the women was Nicole Kidman. She doesn't look like Nicole Kidman at all!

Jennie said...

I thought the same thing about The HOliday, I was pleasantly surprised. Loved Pan's Labyrinth! Your green pictures above are beautiful.