Thursday, April 26

All Together Now: Aw, Shucks!!

The bad:
(That's my sad face......)My son and his family did not get the Japanese chin dogs. They were adopted by someone else. Apparently the on-line adoption forms were filled-out and submitted more quickly by another person. Boooo!

I don't know who is more disappointed - me or his girls! I am told that they will look for dogs again this weekend, so I am hopeful to have a new granddoggie (or two) soon.


This is post #100 here at Imagine........ That's a lot for just over 2 months, no?
Edit: I'm not so sure about that after all. The Blogger dashboard said yesterday's post was #99, but it didn't change to #100 after I posted this. If you look at my archives, the monthly totals add up to 96 - so I don't know how many posts it is! Boooooo Blogger!
The good:
Have I told you that my younger daughter is in Australia? She is there on business, but she has been able to do a lot of sight-seeing also, and has promised me photos when she returns. It has rained ever since she got there, and they were having a drought up to that point. The rain kept her from taking the bridge tour over Sydney Harbor.
Today she is in Surfer's Paradise and tomorrow, she goes to Brisbane and Melbourne. It's a dream come true for her - and I am living vicariously through her. Wish I were there, Peter!


Peter said...

Hi Judy, wish you had told me she was coming to Brisbane I could have met her plane or something... never mind, I sure hope she brought some of that rain north with her and down south in Victoria they need it too.
You must be doing 2 or 3 posts lots of days !!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob-kat said...

I am sure our son and his family will get some lovely dogs soon :-)

mar said...

Congrats on the 100th post already!!! Don't be sad: they will get a doggie (or two!) very soon, I am sure!
Hope you share some of her Australia pictures here :)
happy thursday !!

Anna said...

Sorry to hear YOU didnt get the puppies! So you know, I am posting my answers tonight to your questions. :) Sorry it is taking me so long!

My Side of The Bed said...

I went to Australia for two months when I was 11. It was amazing. I'd like to go back now that I'm older and could do more stuff. Tell her to watch out for the sharks!!!


utenzi said...

You're posting more than once a day, Judy? Amazing!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Sorry about the puppies Judy...but they'll get that puppy soon. Looks like your daughter brought some good luck with her to Aussieland.

rosemary said...

There are tons of puppies just waiting for your son's family to love them (using plural because that is probably what will happen again you know). Oh, goodie, pics from Australia! Hum, I thought you had let your hair go grey, Judy? And I must say that is not a very good pic of you...sorry, but I must be honest.

Jennie said...

:( I hope you get your grand-dog-ter soon Judy!

Anna said...

My answers are up for you! :)

Awareness said...

Hi Judy! I posted my answers to your interview questions!! Thanks. That was fun.

Sonia said...

I bet that your son and kids will get some lovely companions, soon!

Congratulations on the 100th post! It's just great!

Hope your daughter enjoy her trip to Australia.

And let me tell you that my son is in Italy, at Cesena city,(south of Ravenna). He is there to see an Exposition of Fruits. (He is engineer agronomist).

Shephard said...

Ah, approaching winter in Australia, isn't it? Still, I bet she's having a wonderful time.
Keep us posted on what kind of doggies they choose.

poopie said...

Maybe they need med techs in Australia, ya think?

Blitz Krieg said...

I love a good Island continent! Can't wait for some photos.

sage said...

100 posts, 96 posts, whatever, it's a lot of posting. You're a hard gal to keep up with Kenju!

btw, I posted my interview questions today--I enjoyed answering yours--two people asked me to interview them.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So sorry about those doggies Judy...I hope they find some other sweethearts this weekend.

I bet your daughter can't wait for the sun to come out there!!! Isn't that always the way? (lol)

How in heavens name could you have accumulated 100 posts already? Do you think it is the Picassa factor? AMAZING, Judy, just Amazing!

raehan said...

I bet they have some interesting flowers in Australia. Wouldn't you love to go to a flower shop, there?

I hope your grandkids end up with the perfect dog{s} for them.

vicki said...

I live vicariously through my daughter's travels as well. Aren't we lucky that they live in a time and place where the world is more of a global village?

On mail: wel, you know, it's all optional in Chicago and with our recent moves, forwarding is a joke. The other day, in the same delivery, I recieved a Christmas card postmarked last December and a survey from the USPS asking how they are doing...that combined with my inability to master message retrieval on our phones, either here or in Chicago- there are days I fell like I'm on an island. And say! the view isn't bad! ;-)

Carolyn said...

Aww, sorry they didn't get their dogs. Would they consider adopting from a shelter? Those poor dogs are so loving, and often you can get purebreds, or ons that are almost as pure but w/out all the overbreeding medical problems.

Anonymous said...

getting doggies online is ytoough. numerous times i got denied by like 5 minutes someone else filled out papers faster than me. In fact, on my rescue they told me my baby was already gone. I saw him on petfinder like a week later and emailed again and they sed "come tomorrow and hes yours" how weird
but true
hang in
check me

PI said...

When it rains there it really Rains. We had torrents in Cairns whilst out walking to a restaurant and I was scared a crocodile would swim up out of the drainage system!

srp said...

Sorry about the dogs... there are always precious pooches out there who need to be loved.